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How to Take myAndroid Taste Test to Build Your Own Home Screen

How to Take myAndroid Taste Test to Build Your Own Home Screen

Today Google has launched an interesting online service for its users called #myAndroid Taste Test! Do you ever have a thought Why are using Android OS instead of iOS and Windows? If you had this question, you will get lots of answers too! To find your customised Home screen, this new myAndroid Taste Test online Service can help you.

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The new myAndroid Taste Test is such a unique online service I ever have seen before. This service helps you choose desired home screen from wallpaper, icons, launchers, keyboards and other user interfaces for your Android Device. Isn’t cool?

What is #myAndroid Taste Test?

All you need is just to answer few questions and Google will create you a customised Home screen as per your taste! It is full of fun and simple questions which took me less than 3 minutes to answer them all. Once you are done, you will get a new customised home screen generated by google relevant to your answers. With this web service, Google offering its users to help find their perfect home screen with myAndroid Taste test.

My Experience with myAndroid Taste Test

I’m a different kinda person who always want to be different. I tried the new myAndroid Taste Test and answer all questions [22 Image Based Questions] just by thinking a while and tapping it. Once I was done, it showed me some suggestions my Wallpaper, my Launcher, my Widget, my Icons with download links separately.

How to Take myAndroid Taste Test to Build Your Own Home Screen

The best part, you can directly download it from Google Play Store and share your customised home screen with your friends on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

How to Use Google myAndroid Taste Test Service?

  • First, you need to visit the service page here.
  • Start Answering the simple questions as per your wish. Most of the questions are just images, so it makes easier to answer them.
  • Once you finish answering all, the web service will show off the result. You will get download links for all suggested apps.
  •  Just click on that download link one by one, which gets you to Play store.
  • Download your new Home Screen designed by you!
  • If you think the Home screen looks bad, then you can take the test again by following the same steps above.
  • That’s it!

Step-By-Step for myAndroid Taste Test

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The best part of the myAndroid Taste Test, it allows you to share your results with other through social media sites. Also, they can even quickly download them and give a try to it!

Take the myAndroid Taste Test and share your experience with us below!

Stay tuned for more Android Tricks 2017!