Home Technology Technological Innovations Share Knowledge at the IDTechEx Show

Technological Innovations Share Knowledge at the IDTechEx Show

Technological Innovations Share Knowledge at the IDTechEx Show

Emerging technologies drive all development — cultural and commercial. If you want to get a leg up on the latest, you’ll want to plan for the IDTechEx Show. This conference is coming to the Santa Clara Convention Center for two days in November. From Wednesday, November 20 to Thursday, November 21, 2019, participants and spectators can check out the latest new technologies that the world has ever seen.

With over 3,000 attendees with over 200 exhibitors, the IDTechEx Show will bring a wealth of knowledge to a diverse group of people. The conference also hosts over 250 presentations presented by subject matter experts in many industries, making it a conference and exhibition all under one event.

Some of the world’s top well-known brands and companies will be in attendance to learn and view the latest innovation and emerging tech the modern world has to offer. Emerging tech in wearables, sensors, apps, and energy storage just to name a few that you can expect to see at the event. If you’re excited to attend, here is a useful guide to help you around the Santa Clara area.

Hyatt Santa Clara Technological Innovations Share Knowledge at the IDTechEx Show


Since the IDTechEx Show will be a two-day event, now would be a good idea to start looking for a place to stay. The Hyatt Santa Clara is connected to the convention center where IDTechEx takes place, making it a great choice. However, rooms are filling fast.

The Aloft Santa Clara is another recommended hotel. Its cool design and fun décor make it a popular choice. And its amenities like oversized spa showers and free high-speed internet make staying there a breeze.

The Hyatt House Santa Clara is another excellent choice. It’s an 8-minute drive away from the convention center and a 15-minute drive from San Jose Aiport (SJC). While being surrounded by all those people at the event can be exciting, after a while, it can get overwhelmingly draining. Staying at this Hyatt allows you to unwind and take in some quiet time away from the event.

Bourbon Pub and Bourbon Steak Santa Clara Technological Innovations Share Knowledge at the IDTechEx Show


The IDTechEx Show is scheduled to open at 10:15 AM on both days of the event. On the first day, November 20th, the show will close at 7:00 PM. While on the following day, November 21st, the show will conclude at 4:30 PM. So, if you are looking to grab snacks, lunch, or dinner you’ve got quite a few options around the convention center and the hotel. The convention center has a Peet’s Coffee & Tea shop for snacks.

There’s also the Bourbon Pub and Bourbon Steak Santa Clara restaurants fairly close to the convention center if you don’t mind walking. Otherwise, if you take the local transit rail you can get back on and get off at Lick Mill Station to find various choices of eateries from Mexican cuisine to Indian cuisine near there. The Rivermark Plaza outdoor mall offers many choices ranging from American, Italian, Mexican, and Indian cuisines. There’s also a Cold Stone Creamery there, in case your sweet tooth is asking for some ice cream.


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