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The Undeniable Advantages of Server Based Printing

The Undeniable Advantages of Server Based Printing

Have you ever wondered what the advantages of server based printing are? No matter if you need it for the office or even your home, it is essential to know what its advantages are when compared to non-networked printing.

Server Based Printing The Undeniable Advantages of Server Based Printing

What is server based printing?

Server based printing allows PCs to share one or more printers over a standard Ethernet or Wi-Fi data network. This way, if you want to print out a document, the software will bundle your request as an individual task and send it to the printer. This means two requests sent from two PCs will not overlap, and there will be no “mix up” pages. Just for comparison, non-networked printing requires every PC to have its printer, which has many obvious drawbacks, such as space and cost.


advantages The Undeniable Advantages of Server Based Printing

The Advantages

Space Saving

Imagine you have ten computers in your office. How much space will you need for ten more printers? It makes no sense to waste room just because every PC must have its printer. With print server software, you will free up significant desk space, which you can utilize in more functional ways.

Speed and Quality

Instead of getting each of your employees a separate printer, you can invest in a single, much faster printer with higher print quality and characteristics. Networked printing is not restrictive in terms of speed, and we cannot say this about local printing. You will have to wait for the previous user’s print report to finish, and that’s about it in terms of delays.

Printer Selection

With a server based printing setup, you can easily (and quickly) connect several printers, each intended to do different printing tasks. For example, for most of your printing needs, you may need a high-output, black-and-white laser printer, while a color model can handle smaller jobs when the main one is busy. Server based printing gives you the flexibility to optimize work processes, get faster turnaround, and better-looking results.

Quick Installation

You can add a printer to your network in just a couple of minutes. There is no need to shut down the entire network or disrupt the work of others.

Extended Cable Distances

If you have a non-networked setup, the maximum recommended distance for parallel and USB cables is 5 meters. With print servers, those distances can go up to 100 meters when connecting between the printer and your computer directly. 


Aside from traditional PCs, modern networked printers can also accommodate smartphones and tablets, which speeds your work processes and allows you to get printed results without having to transfer files to your PC first. If you are in the advertising industry, this will be a massive plus for you.

It is easy to see that server based printing can introduce a wave of positive changes to your business or home office. You will save space, increase productivity, and have the flexibility of using different devices to print data from. What more could you ask for?


  1. It is best practice to print from server that is not only automated but also error free. I like this system for simplicity.

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