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There is a Market for Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

There is a Market for Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

Families struggle on a regular basis to find ways to obtain the equipment and supplies that they or their loved ones require to meet their medical needs. A large majority seek out the assistance of suppliers who offer pre owned equipment at much lower costs. This is why to sell used medical  equipment or donate things that you or your family no longer has a need for is such a good option. Not only will you prolong the lifespan of the equipment, but you will give others the opportunity to have access to equipment that they may not have been able to afford otherwise.

When you set out to sell used medical equipment or if you opt to donate, there are steps you should take that will offer you and the next owner benefits.

How To Get the Most Out of Selling Used Medical Equipment

  • Research. Make sure to search out charitable facilities or resale shops that offer  reputable experience  over the course of many years. If your idea is to donate, you need to make sure they are willing to accept medical equipment. Some of the bigger charitable organizations won’t take things like durable medical equipment or else they have a special facility for those types of things. Whether you decide to donate or sell, you also need to be transparent about any types of damages or flaws that may be evident on the equipment.
  • Condition. Make sure that you bring the equipment back to as new looking condition as possible before you bring it to the resale shop or the donation center. It’s especially courteous to make sure that the pieces that you’re bringing in look as nice as possible and have been sanitized for the next person that will be using them. 
  • Disclose. Try to be as upfront as you can about how the equipment was used prior to being sold. Detail the specifications and features as precisely as possible including any type of measurements, adjustability factors. This will give the new user the ability to make a much more informed choice when it comes time for them to buy second-hand.

Just like with the donation center, what a resale shop accepts will vary for each shop. It’s good to call ahead  to find out prior to taking your medical equipment there only to be turned away. Also, advertise your equipment online. This is another good way to sell used medical equipment. Again, you need to be explicitly descriptive and have optimal photographs that show the equipment in operation with any damages in full view.

Whichever option you use, whether you choose to donate or sell used medical equipment, keep the person who will be receiving the equipment in mind before you let the equipment go. Remember, the importance that this equipment had in your life or that of your loved one and how much it will mean to the next person who has it. Know that by paying it forward you’re allowing someone else the opportunity to have equipment that they would not otherwise be able to obtain.


  1. Now a days medical equipment is argent for doctor but original and good equipment is more necessary so you can get good and original equipment here..thank you..

  2. It’s good to call ahead to find out prior to taking your medical equipment there only to be turned away. Also, advertise your equipment online.

  3. ye I’m a doctor, I find most of the medical equipment namely bp apparatus and glucometer are sold to other patients and most of them will buy them. I also sold my stethoscope to my junior when I bought a new one

  4. i think its a wonderful idea. we should all help each other as much as we can! because at the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters in this world. props to anyone participating in this initiative (especially the ones DONATING the equipment for free)

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