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Tips for Choosing A Good Game Server Hosting Service

Tips for Choosing A Good Game Server Hosting Service

Even the best games may seem awful and boring if they run on a slow server. Whether it’s football or mission-oriented, all top video games need to run smoothly for any user to enjoy. One way to do this is to have a good game-hosting service provider. Fortunately, there are several game-hosting services in the market, but not all of them offer you the functionality you desire. 

Choosing the best hosting service for your game involves a lot of considerations. For one, you’ll need to check the storage requirements, RAM, processor, and even network speed.

In this article, we’ve compiled some of the main factors to keep in mind while choosing a game server hosting service.

Cloud Computing Tips for Choosing A Good Game Server Hosting Service

1. Dedicated Vs Shared Servers

Like web hosting, there are shared and dedicated hosting servers. The latter is shared among various games, which means it can be quite a disadvantage for those that need high-system specs. As you’d expect, such games will use a lot of resources, which can also impact the rest of the users.

If you’re looking for the best Minecraft server hosting service, for instance, then it’s recommended to go for a dedicated server. As such, you’ll have access to all resources without having to worry about other users. You can even hold a multiplayer session, and the game will still run smoothly.

Gaming Tips for Choosing A Good Game Server Hosting Service

2. Overall Speed and Performance

Choosing a dedicated hosting server will make your experience smooth. However, without excellent server performance specs, then you won’t enjoy the value for your money. Remember, latency is the biggest enemy of gaming. You want to have an immediate reaction once you hit that controller button.

So, a combination of high speed and low latency should be your priority. The latency of below 100ms will work for you, but 20-40ms or less is ideal for any gamer. Some providers may allow you to test the server’s response time before you can decide to purchase their services. This is a good indicator of the quality you’ll expect once you’ve paid the money.

Hardware Specs Tips for Choosing A Good Game Server Hosting Service

3. Hardware Specs

The main factor that brings all the difference in performance is the hardware specifications. While researching on the best server, consider the processor, storage, and memory.

If you want to enjoy your gaming experience, core i5 or i7 with a 4GB RAM, and 200GB SDD are the minimum features you should be looking for. This makes it even smoother and more enjoyable when playing multiplayer games.

4. Consider Reviews Before Making the Purchase

It’s worth noting that not every review is legit, but you can always check various reviewers to confirm the outcome. What this does is that it gives you an insight into other people’s experiences with the company. You can always find this information in the community section where people post their acknowledgments and complaints.

In your research, make sure to check the company’s development. It’s important to sign a deal with a provider that’s willing to add new features to its servers whenever there’s an advancement. A good game hosting server is one that has the latest software installed to improve the performance.

5. The Cost

In your decision-making process, pricing should be the last thing you consider. Nonetheless, it’s an important factor that could be the difference between a good and the best gaming server.

Before you commit to a 12-month subscription, or any other subscription for that matter, you should do your calculations. How much do you have in your bank account? Will you afford to pay for the service without affecting the rest of your plans?

Pricing will vary with the number of features provided to you. As such, it’s crucial to know what you need, including performance, features, and the number of players supported. The more needs you have as a gamer, the more you’ll have to pay to enjoy the services. Always look for a server that you can afford at the time, then you can scale up once you’re able to pay for better features.


Game server hosting is one of the most important services for any gaming enthusiast. Despite how powerful your computer is, a gaming server will always be a welcomed idea.

Choosing a good hosting service requires you to balance the costs and your needs. For instance, a dedicated server is way better than a shared one and that also reflects in the costs. However, this is not the only thing you should consider. The hardware specs and overall performance will also guide you to an ideal server that’ll ensure you enjoy your new games.