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Top 12 Perks of Working at Google [Best Employee Perks]

Top 12 Perks of Working at Google [Best Employee Perks]
Google is the largest and famous Technology Company. It is situated in Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area which is the part of the United States of California. Many technology industries and companies in Silicon Valley can offer a wide variety of and a great range of perks and benefits to his employees all around the world. It can attract the employee’s attention. Several offers on-site benefits, which have also added a bonus of the keeping the employee’s workforce in the office often more.
Top Perks of Working at Google

Perks can play an important part in attracting the talented employees all around the world and keeping them motivated also. With the free Cafeteria’s, enjoy rooms, massage rooms, haircuts faculty, doctors and much more, attracting more employees. Google can also trying its best to keep their employees happy and enjoyed every second of their working at Google.

Google can give their employees enough reasons to stick around and you’ll also likely see the productivity go up. With that in my mind, here’s I’m telling a short list of the perks for Google Employees to get when they sign on at the Googleplex. I’ve also compiled this list overall and get out the main and top benefits and perks of working at Google.

Top 12 Perks of Working at Google Company

Nice and Great Food

Top Perks of Working at Google
 Great food can attract the great employees. One of the best reasons of working at Google is the food they provided to their employees. Google Employees are extremely well fed. They can get the free breakfast, free lunch and even also free dinner of they late for work. There are also different types of color codes for the many different and new dishes and foods. There are also juice bars and coffee shops throughout all the campuses of Google.

 Amazing People and Great Thinkers

Top Perks of Working at Google

Google is the largest tech company and also their employees are the great thinkers and amazing. On google, the employee said that the Google Company is the great place to see the amazing people, listen to him and also meet them with the amazing people and great thinkers. He also said that he never met the so many people on the internet or in the real life than in the past year when he started working at Google. So this is also the best feature of Google Company for the employees to meets with the new and amazing people.

 Time Program 20%

 Top Perks of Working at Google It is the basic feature of the company to their employees. Google can give the opportunity to their employees of 80/20 rule.

It means that Googlers ( who working at google ) can dedicate their 80% time to their primary job for the company and their remaining time of 20% working on the passion projects that they want to help the company. Google Media also says that the many of their products which are used in the market all around the globe were started from this program and then go to the Google Labs and then on the markets.

Dogs are Welcome

Top Perks of Working at Google

Google can allow dogs to work at google with their fellows. Co-Workers are the nice and smart and help push the bounds of one’s own thinking, but dogs are just the cuter. So if an employee wants, and they are allowed to bring their own dogs into the work.

Google’rs Feel Like They are Living in Future

Top Perks of Working at Google
 Google is known for their advancement in technology, but no one knows that better than a simple employee who sees it all behind the scenes. Google’rs, you’re also their beta tester. Testing the whole products and then using them throughout your workday is also another perk for the google employees.

TechStop Team

Top Perks of Working at Google

While working at google, and playing with all the future technologies , Google Employees can get and experience with the issues. Even if it is not an issue with a products for their testing, Google also has a team for that things. This team is known as ” TechStop “, or in simple words you can also call them Google’s IT Team. Even those peoples who working in tech industry sometimes also get and experiences issues. If they did not solve it, they simply call the TechStop and the issue will be take care of as soon as possible.

Google Healthcare Plan

Top Perks of Working at Google
 Medical facilities are given almost every kinds of companies .Similarly in all tech industry Google also given the healthcare plans to their employees. It can includes on-site medical staff. He can visit out the doctor or doctor can visit him at any time at Google-Plex. It is also the main perks of Google’s , because free medical facilities are also the best part to attract out the more and intelligent employees.

Massage Room Program

Top Perks of Working at Google
 While working day and night at google, you can also get tied and want to get rid of this tiedness. So google can provide the free Massage Room program for their employees. Work can get the employees stresses sometimes . Google provided a subsidized massage facility free of charge to get free you from the stress and exhaustions. But remember that” Isn’t that is the icing on the cake ? “

Fitness Classes, Gyms and Swimming Pools

Top Perks of Working at Google On behalf the working at google, company provided the facility of fitness classes , gyms and swimming pool’s also. To prevent death from happening too early, is staying fit , smart and healthy. Google company can try their best and provided many ways for their employees to get fit , healthy and smart. It can included the different sports field, and courts. Google has got the well equiped Gyms. Google also provides the swimming in place swimming pools. These are the narrow and not very long but very awesome. Lifeguards are also on duty to keep their employees safe .

Get Free Ride and Travel

 Top Perks of Working at Google  Even though Google’s buses have the controversial with San Francisco residents as of late, they are also still an amazing resources to their employees. Googlers and their families are covered with the travel insurance and emergency assistance – even on the personal vocations.Google can provided the free bus services. All the buses are fully equipped with the wi-fi facility, and also many other features. Employees can relax, feel free and have also fun.

Never Stop Learning

 Top Perks of Working at Google Learning more things and explore it is the best way to develops more things. Google can also reimburse you for the classes or all degree programs that will help you a lot with what you do. You don’t need to pay for that classes and degrees and also costly certifications and courses. They will cover it all for you.

Death Benefits at Google

Top Perks of Working at Google  Google also provided the facility of their employees of death benefits. Means, If any Google Employee dies, all their stocks vets immediately, and on the top of his life insurance payouts, their surviving spouse continues to get out the half of their salary for the next 10 years. And also there’s an additional of $1000 Dollars per month benefits for their children if the children age less than 19 years.

So these are the Top 12 Perks of Google Employees, you can also get these facilities if you get the job at Google and started working at Google Tech Company.