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Top 5 Trends You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing

There are many methods to make money online in today world. Due to the huge development in internet technologies. If you are waiting and looking to make some bugs online, then it is so important to you to update with the mobile marketing, because everyone has its own mobile phone. Mobile Marketing is increased day by day in all the mobile markets all around the world.

Also remembers that, not only almost its about 80% users has mobile or smart phone but also they are highest spenders . If you do not know about the mobile SEO and mobile marketing, then you need to learn it quickly ! ! !

Top 5 Trends You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing

In this article, i’m telling you about the top 5 trends of mobile marketing , i’m fully focused on it and hope you get the huge knowledge from this article.

Top 10 Trends Of Mobile Marketing With Tips

1 – Mobile Subscribers Increase Up

I’m study so about it, and in a report , just only in 2004, there are over 182 millions of mobile subscribers are in the United States only, which is a huge in number .But in the report of 2014, it has increased trippled, to just over the 500 Millions and the vast increase in mobile subscriptions is not likely to slow down anytime . So this is the main factors of mobile marketing.

2 – People Use Mobile’s a lot

Mobile phone owners are in huge in numbers in all around the world, and they do not bear out without their little hand held devices. Above 70% of people always have their own phones with them according to the latest research which is conducted by Facebook, it carried out in October 2015. Research can shows that almost people pick up their devices 150 – to 200 times per day and spend in an average almost 1 Minute and 20 Seconds on their device each time.

3 – Young People Use Mobile Phone for Online Surfing

With the huge development in technology, internet and PC’s can convert into small and small pieces. Like mobile phones, almost all computer functions can be converted into mobile phone, with smart phone people can do anything which is only done via computers. As increased 4G to 5G technology, mobile also used very much especially, young people. In latest report, young people spend the most time online on their online smart devices like Tablets, PC’s, Smart Phones. Under the age of 16 to 24 years old’s are spend their 2 to 3 hours on mobile devices. And under the age of 25 to 35 years old, are spend their 1 to 2 hours on mobile phones for online surfing.

However, time spending online also every where in the world and all demographic. So this is also the good factors for online marketers who works online.

4 – Mobile Apps Development

As in the increased in mobile apps , people use mobile phone’s a lot. App usage by almost 75% in 2015-16 in line with the huge increase as compared to the previous years. Also you can plan , of mobile app advertisement, because app marketing also very beneficial or you and your business. This can also be done either to developing your own mobile app or advertising in some popular apps, like Facebook, Twitter etc.

5 – Mobile Commerce Become More Accepted

Online shopping is very popular in the year of 2014. People are becoming more open to the idea of making purchases through your online devices. In today, mobile e-commerce can increases up to 35% of the e-commerce market and almost in 2020 it can goes up to 50%. As a latest Google Report, people can check their phone regarding a purchase that are about 82%.