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How to Track Someone Through an Android Tapping App?

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Have you ever been fascinated by spy agents who don attractive disguises to solve a mystery? You must be familiar with iconic spy characters like Sherlock Holmes and James Bond who took spying to a whole new level through their ingenious nature. Then How to Track Someone Through an Android Tapping App?

Many people believe that spying is not everyone’s cup of tea as it includes using hi-tech gadgets and sorting out lots of complicated data. However, with the emergence of augmented reality in the smartphone sector, this myth has proven wrong. Today, spying can be done remotely from the comfort of your house or your office cabin. How? That’s quite an interesting part.

Though new technology is being piped into smartphones every day, yet there are certain vulnerabilities in the operating systems that allow powerful monitoring apps to hack the phone and attain all the information contained in it. Since location based services have been prevalent some time back, an android phone tracking app mustn’t come as a surprise to many.

Here are four basic steps that can lead you to remotely track your target.



App compatibility


Since android is the largest used operating software at a global level, it must be taken into account when purchasing a spy app. An Android tapping app can work best with all rooted or non-rooted android phones. You cannot use an iPhone spying app for tracking the target who owns an android phone.


Installation and set-up


A spy app is usually a cinch to install. There are a plethora of spy apps that have different installation procedures. Currently, Xnspy android phone tracking app is dominating the monitoring spectrum. It is specifically designed for less savvy users so that they can easily install the app and begin spying with convenience. It usually takes 3-5minutes for a good spy software to get launched on the target phone and quietly run in the background of the target device, working undetectable. Xnspy provides a clear set of instructions for installation process through the live demo available at its website.

Some Android Tapping App has lengthy installation procedures and require configuration or license codes for verification during the installation process. No matter how advanced or rudimentary a spyware is, all Android apps require physical access to the target phone for installation and downloading. Remote installation is a phenomenon not yet available in android spying apps.




Have you pondered on the fact that how a monitoring app tracks target activities? A powerful surveillance app uses a web-based control panel that transfers all the data from the target device to the user device. This online console is the reason you can spy remotely on your target.

You have to create an online account to subscribe to the spy app so that you can access target information from any place and at any time. The online console extracts target information in an intuitive style and reports it to the users. This permission-less and remote spying promotes covert monitoring, where the target does not know he’s being spied on.

Thus, the actual purpose of spying is fulfilled and you can avoid a lot of confrontations with the target and catch them red-handed if involved in some unapproved activity. Sure, it is Android Tapping App!


Features of an Android tapping app


When it comes to a spy app offering an extensive range of features with affordable pricing, xnspy.com tops the list at many tech forums. It is a handy tool with state-of-the-art surveillance features. You can toggle the settings on the control panel and customise the monitoring plan as per your requirements. The settings include the entire list of features that must be monitored. Some of the ubiquitous features of spy apps include;

  • Call log monitoring – viewing all incoming and outgoing calls along with the call details
  • Reading texts and chats – get message and chat details that include exchange of multimedia files, if any
  • Online surveillance –  monitor online activities of target by browsing the history and social media accounts
  • Location tracking – depict the exact location of the target and ensure virtual barricade through geo-fencing
  • Automated call recordings – listen to recorded phonic conversations of the target as well as their surroundings
  • Remote commands – make remote commands to the control panel to wipe off data from target phone, block certain apps, etc.
  • Email correspondence – get the email conversations of the target with their contacts

Spy apps differ in the range of features based on their advancement and functionality. Almost all the features of a spy app can be availed if the target device is rooted. However, there is a limit to the availability of some features in a non-rooted android device.


With the mass proliferation of tech gadgets, there is a global appetite for spying today. The ever-increasing demand for spyware technology in the business and household sector validates the point. So the existence of spy apps cannot be negated.

In the bottom line, a spy app offers diverse uses and possibilities to the users. It ensures real-time monitoring of the target and aims at offering the best spying services to the customers. Almost all spy apps offer either a free trial or live demo for the user convenience.

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