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VaultCard Review: Revolutionary Protector for RFID Cards

VaultCard Review

Today we bring you a detailed VaultCard Review.

Not just India but almost every country out there is now promoting cashless digital payments so as to improve the economy. As we move to a more cashless payment environment, it is important that we also be aware of ways and gadgets that can keep our digital payments secure from any possible threats.

One common threat to the debit/credit cards that we basically use for cashless transactions is that they feature a RFID chip that helps them function. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification Technology is a super-small chip that transfers your bank account information and other payment related details from your debit/credit card to the card scanners used to receive payments.

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These RFID chips are used almost everywhere in today’s time, including on payment cards from popular payment clients such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover etc. They are even used in public transport cards, access cards, passports and even on driving license these days.

However, these RFID chips are not completely safe from hackers as the data from these RFID chips can be read from as far as 20-feet away with specialized devices. Which means, if not properly taken care of, the RFID chips present on your debit/credit cards can compromise your bank details.

This is where the VaultCard steps in. The VaultCard is a tool in the shape and size of a standard credit/debit card that can be conveniently placed within your regular sized wallet to block and sort of electromagnetic signals that can tamper the RFID chips on your debit/credit cards or access them.

VaultCard Review

Even though all of our regular debit/credit cards come with a complete steel foil wrap to ensure protection from any sort of tampering devices, this mechanism is not really a sure-shot way to protect your payment cards and hence the importance of the VaultCard kicks in. So today we bring you a detailed VaultCard review so as to let you know more about the product.

VaultCard Review:

The VaultCard is a revolutionary technology that provides some high-tech protection to the RFID chips present in your debit/credit cards. By simply placing the VaultCard in your wallet, the product can provide you with ultimate security to the debit/credit cards stored in your wallet. In fact, the more powerful the tampering device that is trying to access the RFID information is, the more powerful protection the VaultCard offers to safeguard from such attacks.

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Well, the VaultCard is not always active. It’s working is switched ON automatically when some electromagnetic wave is sent from the RFID scanner to search for chips to hack on to.

VaultCard Review

The VaultCard can even detect signals that are even a hundred times weaker than the signal required for a RFID chip to function. When such a signal is detected, the jamming signal sent from the VaultCard ensures that no RFID search signals actually reaches your debit/credit cards or any other cards with RFID chip installed. The VaultCard actually features a military-grade signal jamming mechanism that can protect RFID-enabled cards under any sort of attacks.

VaultCard Review

The VaultCard does not have any battery to power the mechanism. Instead, it draws the necessary power from the RFID scanner devices that it intercepts. The VaultCard is capable of protecting any cards with RFID chips in them within 4cm of the VaultCard.

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And to make payments using any of your debit/credit cards, all you need to make sure is that the VaultCard is at least 8inches away from your debit/credit card.

The VaultCard project is currently present as a campaign on Kickstarter.com. The VaultCard had a goal to raise £15,000 and has so far raised over £130,00 from over 3,400 backers.

VaultCard Review

Right now, even you can get your hands on one of these VaultCards for just £15 from the VaultCard Kickstarter Campaign page. The market retail price of the VaultCard will be £25. Estimated Delivery of the VaultCard from August.

Final Words:

At just 1.5mm thickness, the VaultCard is one of the most needed product out there. The fact that it can silently reside on any of our wallets without needing any sort of attention, even charging, and yet provide one of the most secure environment for any RFID-enabled cards in our wallet makes the VaultCard a product that everyone must have in their wallets.

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Vaultcard Review
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VaultCard, “Personal RFID Blocking Protection for Credit & Debit Card”.