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VaultSkin City Wallet Review: Wallet with RFID Blocking Technology

VaultSkin City Wallet Review

This article features the VaultSkin City Wallet review.

Nowadays, our wallets do not only hold cash and coins like olden times but several other sensitive pieces of personal belongings such as debit or credit cards, metro cards etc. Therefore, losing your wallet in today’s times does not only mean that you have lost the money in your wallet, but also that such sensitive personal belongings are also lost, which can cause much more harm.

VaultSkin City Wallet Review

But there are more dangerous situations than your wallet getting lost. Almost all the cards you own such as your debit or credit cards, metro cards, access cards etc., have a chip inbuilt in them with the RFID technology. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology used in these cards so as to transfer the hidden data on these cards to the RFID machines which are normally present in the machines where you swipe these cards. One major disadvantage of the RFID chip is that the radio frequency of these RFID chips can be tampered with and hacked even when the hacker is a few feets away from the card having these RFID chips.

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One company trying to provide security to the contents of your wallet from potential hackers is VaultSkin. The VaultSkin City Wallet aims at blocking any access to the cards with RFID chips placed inside your VaultSkin City Wallet. To tell you more about the wallet, today we bring you a detailed VaultSkin City Wallet review.

VaultSkin City Wallet Review:

The VaultSkin City wallet features blocking technology that is well-advanced to protect any sort of access to the cards with RFID chips placed inside the wallet. All you need to do is to simply place your valuable cards inside the wallet and the wallet will take care of the rest.

VaultSkin City Wallet Review

The VaultSkin City Wallet combines both technology and style as well. The City Wallet is built in Italian leather that is soft, durable and features an awesome look and feel.

VaultSkin City Wallet Review

The City Wallet is super slim despite its technology, weighs just 38grams and provides a good grip. So sliding the VaultSkin City Wallet into your pockets and taking it out will be really easy. You can fit in up to 9 different debit or credit cards in this wallet and there are also spaces for currency and metro cards. The wallet is custom tailored to comfortably fit in Pounds and Euro currency.

The VaultSkin City Wallet is priced at $55.99 and is offered in different color variants like Black and Brown.

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Final Words:

The luxurious leather style, compact dimensions, and RFID blocking technology makes the VaultSkin City Wallet one of the best alternative to your ordinary wallet. The VaultSkin City Wallet can also hold cash and cards like your regular wallet which is a very great advantage as well.

All of these with the price tag that the VaultSkin City Wallet is offered at, makes the City Wallet a perfect option to bring both safety and functionality to your wallet.