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VoIP Technology: Beginner’s Guide

VoIP Trends Of 2022

The modern world proposes various solutions to develop your business. Virtual phone numbers, also known as IP telephony, are one of them provided by HotTelecom. However, before you decide to use any service, you need to know as much as possible about how it works and what you can gain from it. If you are not a specialist in telecommunications, this short beginner’s guide would be enough. 

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology allowing to make and receive phone calls through the Internet without city landlines or cell reception. It is a very helpful and cost-efficient service if you need to make a lot of calls all over the world or maintain a hotline. IP telephony works without some specific equipment or location in one place. In the picture below, you can see how it works in general.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Benefits of VoIP

Although a lot of people think that virtual phone numbers are something very complex and expensive, we assure you that it is an unsound opinion. Your investment in this technology will gain you many advantages that will surpass any expenditures. The main pros are:

1. Mobility. VoIP tech allows being flexible and working from any corner of the globe at any time even at a place without any landline phones.

2. Cost-efficiency. You will save money on local and international calls in addition to finances and time preserved due to the absence of the need to change office phone numbers after changing your address.

3. New possibilities. VoIP helps develop new branch offices, ease conference calls, send voice mails, and so on. The assortment of additional functions depends on the provider. 

Benefits of VoIP

If you decide to start using VoIP technology for business purposes, you must choose the best provider on the market, which is HotTelecom. Visit their website and develop your company!