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VRDL360 360 Degree VR Camera can record 3K video & Live Stream!


VRDL360 is the world’s first 360-degree virtual reality camera that combines 7K photo, 3K video, live streaming, and instant sharing. Using Sony’s dual 4K lenses, it can record videos and photo at great resolutions and it features instant live streaming. This is fundraising project created by VR Dongli based in Los Angeles and it was listed in Indiegogo to raise fund for mass production.

The VRDL360 is a unique 360-degree mini camera that measures only 1.85 x 5.11 x 0.7 inches and weighs approx 0.23 lbs. With the help of WiFi module, the VR camera wirelessly connects with your smartphone for remote controls. With this, you can always be connected with your smartphone!

VRDL360 360 Degree VR Camera can capture 7K photo, 3K video!

VRDL360 is compact in size so it easily fit in your pocket or bag making it a traveler’s new go-to gadget.Its 2000mAh rechargeable battery offers 2 hours of video recording between charges. The VRDL360 virtual reality camera is now available with a price tag from just $99 and expected to be shipped in September 2017.

Some of the hot features of VRDL360 Camera,

  • 7K INDUSTRY STANDARD QUALITY – VRDL360 featured a dual 16mp CMOS Sony sensors with f/2.0 lenses for capturing 32mp photos, with an ISO reach of 1600 for shooting in low light settings.
  • SOCIAL LIVE STREAMING– Live stream 3K video on YouTube Facebook and other social media sites made easy.
  • VRDL360 APP – With the VRDL360 app you can easily create custom VR photo and video with some cool effects like tiny planets and fish eye.

VRDL360 is packed with key features that make it a must have a camera for adventure seekers, photography & videography enthusiasts, or those of you who are looking to take your selfies to the next level!

Watch the video below to know more about its design, features, and specifications.

Check out the official product page at Indiegogo via the link below and check all available pledges that are available to backers for the next month. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Indiegogo