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What is a Human Resources Management System?

What is a Human Resources Management System?

Basically, a Human Resources Management System is software that integrates a series of processes that affect all workers, and the organization as a whole. It allows to unify the management of personnel selection, incorporation into the company, performance and compensation, succession, training and motivation of employees.
The technological evolution in the field of HR has been exciting in the last fifteen years, a statement that has a lot to do with the development of cloud computing and the great advances made in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

We see, with optimism, that these human capital management systems are the great allies of HR professionals as it is making possible a repeated aspiration of this group, the need to place people in the center, not just Human Resources, but of business activity in general.

focused on talent What is a Human Resources Management System?

And this is so because it is increasingly difficult to acquire talent and retain it. Likewise, more and more managers believe that the biggest brake on the digital transformation of companies is the shortage of qualified candidates. It is, therefore, a really worrying situation and highlights the need to implement a strategy focused on talent, either through training, motivation and commitment of employees or through an innovative commitment to outsourcing.

Good Human Resources software such as Shift Schedule software must be useful, simple and accessible in mobility. A satisfactory user experience is the best cover letter. If it also has a beautiful design and incorporates the latest technological trends, such as a chatbot, success is guaranteed.

The total automation of Human Resources management brings another important advance, increases corporate transparency. Now employees can see and analyze their evolution and situation in the company, can interact in real time with their superiors, set goals or design their own career path.

Human Resources management systems have different denominations, they can be identified as unified talent management systems or also as human capital management systems. But in short, they all do the same, they allow the management of applicants, employee retention, training or succession planning, from a single platform. HR departments are becoming the perfect machine for managing the life cycle of their workers.

hr management What is a Human Resources Management System?

Who uses a Human Resources Management System?

Of course, each company implements its own internal guidelines, which include access to the different instances of the management systems. The IT department will be in charge of establishing which users can access which parts of the Human Resources Management Platform based on their profile, their needs and their relationship with the company. In general, we can establish the following list of users of these tools:

– Employees use the System to access their own information as workers, to register for vacancies, to evaluate their performance, to take advantage of collaborative learning, to participate and offer feedback on the corporate social network … In short, the relationship management with the company that must also be through any device and anywhere.

– Managers and directors use human resources management software to assign vacations, evaluate, schedule professional development or visualize employee and team performance. These tools greatly improve equipment performance. A manager can access a talent map and quickly know what skills each member of his team needs to achieve individual and corporate goals.

– The HR department needs, above all, to manage with efficiency, agility, simplicity, mobility and real time. They use human resources software to attract and hire, for the processes of incorporating new employees, to deploy training and personnel development strategies, to establish salary compensation or to plan succession. With current systems, HR technicians can anticipate future needs and establish talent plans in the short, medium or long term. Human resources software substantially improves retention rates as it shows which high-performing employees are at risk of abandonment.

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