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What is Affiliate Marketing With It’s Types

After spending my many days and nights on the searching of the topic ” What is Affiliate Marketing “, i think, this is the time i’m telling you the best strategies and about the term of affiliate marketing and its works.

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Image : What is Affiliate Marketing With It’s Types?

Affiliate Marketing is a special term or main branch of digital marketing. It is basically used to explain about the revenue-sharing plan, where automated online programs lets blogs and websites owners place an advertiser’s banner ads on control buttons on their own blogs or websites. Blogs or website owners will receive commission for this kind of activity or works.

It has many others things, like if anyone of your visitors or users click on the link from your blogs or website, and perform some desired actions on the advertisers websites, then you will get commission. It is basically like , Sign Up Forms, Download any Apps, promotes anything, taking participate in any online surveys which will be conducted by advertisers .

All affiliate marketing forums not works like all this, or pay the same price ad there. Some allow you to put a banner or a link to your own blogs or website, and allows others to setup a shopping that provides the relevant ads to the niche of your blogs or websites and others requires you to simple put banner ads.

Check How Affiliate Marketing Works?

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The main theme of affiliate payouts for website and blogs owners also different, but in the most common types the online is PPC ( Pay Per Click ), each time when your site visitors click on this banner you get commission, and if this visitors purchase something going through your referral link, then you can also get huge commission.

Top 7 Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs :

The affiliate marketing programs is different form each others. If you join an online search engine programs you most likely will be placing back-links or banners of the advertisers and you will be get commission , Email subscription , newsletter promotion, being an affiliate of any merchant usually means you are working for that person and getting paid in case of any download, signup or purchase.

#1 – PPL ( Pay-Per-Lead) :

when you are provided the hyperlinks for downloading, demo offers or applications, email opt-in details and so on. Based on the marketer you may get a commission on per registration or you may the marketer. Again, you may also get charged for both circumstances.

Pay-per-sale affiliate program (also called income sharing) usually offer the biggest income, and you’ll generally get a set amount of money per selling or a directly amount of the complete selling. Because a client has to purchase something, you’ll realize this program best-suited to high-traffic affiliate websites.

#2 – PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Marketing :

PPC ( Pay Per Click ) is one of the best type of affiliate marketing. This is the simple and good affiliate program with this many marketers can make handsome amount of earning with this method. You can also choose this.

 Marketers with personal blog or website can earn money by displaying advertisements like Google Adsense and make money online. So if you want this option then you must have a blog and website.

#3 – PPP or PPA ( Pay Per Action ) Marketing :

Pay Per Action is also the very knowable and awesome type of marketing. Basically this technique is used for those when any one can click on your link and go to their advertiser website and take some kind of action like add their email , take a part in survey etc. So publisher can get some amount of commission from this .You can also avail this marketing.

#4 – PPS ( Pay Per Sale ) Marketing :

Pay Per Sale marketing as name clear that, when any one can click on your link and go to the advertiser website and buy some thing you will get some commission.

This is also used many marketers and some times this marketing can gives you thousands of dollars. Click-bank and Amazon are something like that.

#5 – Coupons and Deals :

Some websites can primarily focused on frugal consumers or even they are looking for some additional product sales and also giving some discounts as well.

Basically when you sign up any affiliate program network, then many time, you will get a coupon code, so when any one can go to this site and use your coupon code then he can get some discount of that particular products and you will also get some amount from this company earning.

#6 – Email Marketing :

Email Marketing is also goes into the affiliate marketing technique, basically in this technique you can only maintain the targeted email list, and then contact with your couponers , producers, marketers and many others who want this list and you will get some amount from this .

So it is difficult because building a email list is not a easy work but not impossible if you want then you can do it.

#7 – Ranking or Review Website : 

Reviewing other sites is also the most awesome and great type of affiliate marketing. When you can ranked their post simply by review in good words then you will get paid from some commission.

With this their website or blog can get high ranked and they also get some suggestion from others and they will paid you from some commission for this purpose.

So these are some affiliate marketing types which you can use and make money online through your website your blog or even anything which you’re doing online. Hope you will understand it, and if you have any question then asked in comment section below. For more simply Subscribed my Email Newsletters for getting new updates of me.