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What is Search Engine Optimization / SEO? (Ultimate Guide)


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a process of getting organic traffic from web search engines which is totally free, natural and organic.


Any Organic Search Traffic or any Specifically any Unpaid Traffic That Comes From Search Results (SERP). 

It is a very important technique which is very useful and give you the long term results. Using SEO, your site web pages will be ranked higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

image about what is SEO? the complete beginner guide

If you want to start your website/blog, then you must know about the term “SEO”. Because all experts says that :

SEO Starts Before Starting a Website/Blog

Before starting your site, first you getting SEO of your site, because without that, you won’t be able to get higher ranking in search engines in a less time. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing has their own criteria to show search results to their users. But all they use different algorithms to ranked higher those web pages whose contents is unique, useful for readers and they have proper SEO to their posts.

It is a free marketing technique which gives you long term benefits if you got it in a proper way. It gives you as much as you dream. Below is the complete guide about Search Engine Optimization which is pretty helpful to you.

Watch Video : Search Engine Optimization Explained

In the beginning of 1990’s, the webmasters optimizing websites and webpages for the search engines for ranking. Search engines trust on webmasters and use some basic thing to rank any web page on search engine (SERP). Like on keyword basis, but after that search engine realize that, people cheat with their system so they make more tools and algorithms to rank any web page in web search.

All major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo apply more than 200+ factors on every single web page before if ranked in search results. You not do and fulfill all these factors but the most common and basic factors cover especially meta tags, title, URL, and headings. Also there are many basic factors which are necessary for getting high ranking and online visibility in the search engine eyes.

How Search Engine Works?

Search engine can perform many task before ranking any web page in their search results pages (SERP’s). First of all search engine crawl the web page by their robots called Spider and Crawler. After the crawling process complete, they will index your web page in their data base and work on it of how much it is useful and related to search queries, which are searches by users. They can process on the web page and check out the most relevant pages related to search query and then retrieve the most useful, optimized and user-friendly web pages and display to the users.
Before you know further more about search results, first of all you must know about how search engine works which is explained below in video.

Video : How Search Works By Matt Cutts From Google

Now after watching this video you’ve an idea about how SEO works and search works? All search engines considers number of factors to ranked any web page. Similarly Google consider more than 200+ factors about ranking which is covered by Brian Dean On Backlinko .

It is a methodology that is used to increase the total number of visitors on your website and ranked your web pages higher in search engine (SERP). It is a very simple and common way for internet users which can be improved over time. You can always optimize your site according to new updates released by search engines like Google.

SEO helps you and ensure that your website will be accessible to search engine users and also improves the chances of higher ranking of your site in search engine. Basically there are many types of SEO, but remember that all of them are not useful and correct. Always use white hat which is pretty useful for your business.

There are many different ways to rank higher in search engine using black hat SEO techniques but these are only benefit you for sometime not all the time. That kind of methods also harm your site and you’ll never again ranked in search engine if any how you’ll be penalized by search engine.

What is SEO? Explained Infographic


image of what is search engine optimization (SEO)? infographic explained

In this infographic, you may easily understand about SEO related to your website. There are different things matters before ranking of your site. In this image, you may understand some of these, which are very basic and if you do that things properly, then you may ranked well in search results.

There are generally two sides of SEO which are Black Hat and White Hat SEO.

Black Hat Vs  White Hat SEO


image of what is search engine optimization (SEO)?black hat vs while hat seo

If you want to work online and doing some black ways like keyword stuffing, cloaking, linking etc and want a result in a very less time, then this is called Black Hat SEO.

If you want to get sustainable business and sales, and getting ranked for a long time in search results pages (SERP), which is pretty long term process, then this is called White Hat SEO.

On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO

There are two basic types of SEO which both are very important in our website ranking. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. These types are useful and important. Basically it divided into two types.

The type of SEO in which you setting out your websites internally, like optimized your titles, meta description, URL structure, internal linking, formatting, fast loading related factors. This is called On-Page SEO.

The type of SEO in which you setting out your websites externally, like link building, social bookmarking on different sites, social media strategies etc, this refer to as Off-Page SEO.

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