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Why Are Fantasy Sports Games So Popular?

Why Are Fantasy Sports Games So Popular?

If you have never played a fantasy sports game before, then you might be slightly bemused about the popularity of the gaming genre. Fantasy sports are a hugely popular gaming genre all over the world, and studies have found that nearly 20% of Americans play some type of fantasy sports game during a season.

What is it that makes fantasy sports just so popular? Why has the game continued to be important for players for so many years? This guide is here to help you learn more about why fantasy sports games are just so popular.

The Choice of Games

From sim baseball to fantasy football, there is a fantasy game for almost every single sport. Some fantasy games are focused on current leagues, while others allow you to play and trade with the most iconic sports people throughout history.

The sheer variety of fantasy games on the marketing means that it is possible for almost anyone to find the right type of fantasy game to suit their interests and ideal playing style.

The Importance of Control

Studies have found that one of the most important aspects of fantasy sports games that make them so popular is the level of control they provide to the player. One study found that the greater the level of control a player feels they have in a game, the more time they choose to spend playing it. The level of control that players of fantasy games have means that players are more inclined to spend more time finding and managing their ideal team.


Many fantasy sports games allow players to play in a league with their friends, family, or colleagues. This means that you are competing directly with other people in your league. This level of direct competition with people that you know personally increases the level of personal investment you have in your team. This means that you are likely to spend more time playing a fantasy game, as the possible win you might gain seems greater.

Endless Research Options

The popularity of fantasy sports games is not just down to the amount of time people choose to spend playing, but also the endless research possibilities. The more invested that you are in your fantasy team, the more likely you are to spend time researching statistics, players, and transfer possibilities.

The more time that you spend researching your team and possible transfers, the more invested you become. This can create a positive feedback loop that means that players are much more likely to spend time thinking and reading about fantasy-related subjects.

It Enhances Your Viewing Pleasure

Many fantasy game players report that playing a fantasy game enhances the experience of watching live sports. This is because you are more invested in the outcomes of live games. Not only are you more invested in the game, as the outcomes will directly impact your fantasy ranking, but you will also have likely spent time researching players, which further enhances your viewing pleasure.