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World of Warcraft holy Paladin talent tree, Glyphs and Spell uses

World of Warcraft holy Paladin talent tree, Glyphs and Spell uses

In the World of Warcraft, Paladins have a great mix of talents. They can tank, heal or dps. In this, Holy Paladins are covered in effort to maximize talent spread.

Holy Paladin Talent Tree

One of the first things is spending the talent points correctly. There are various ways to go about this but the following is popular for the Holy spec.

AotL-0 PotI-3 IotP-2
CoP-3 LW-2* BL-0
D-0 DF-1 IoL-2 Db-2
EJ-0 BoL-1* SoL-3 SC-1
Cv-3 AM-1 PoV-1
ToR-3 BL-2
Prot Tree: Div-3, EG-2

Beacon of Light is probably the most important healing spell for Holadins. It allows the healer to beacon the tank or needed target and have them receive heals while healing others. These points have been spent to maximize heals and ignores damage and PvP-type talents.

Holadin Glyphs for 4.0.1

The glyphs have change significantly in 4.0.1 patch. There are three kinds of glyphs now: prime, major, and minor. The following are the suggested glyphs for the Holy tree.

Prime: Glyph of Seal of Insight, Glyph of Holy Shock, and Glyph of Word of Glory.
Major: Glyph of Divinity, Glyph of Salvation*, and Glyph of Light of Dawn.
*The Glyph of Beacon of Light can be interchanged depending on player preference.

Minor: Glyph of Insight, Glyph of Lay on Hands, and Glyph of Blessing of Kings
Usually minor glyphs serve little importance but in the case of Holy Paladins, Glyph of LoH is significantly important to have. Glyph of BoK can be changed out for player preference.
Quick View and Guide on the Healing Spells for Paladins

Beacon of Light, mentioned above, is useful for healing two tanks at once. Place BoL on one heal the other. This can also allow the healer time to throw occasional raid heals and keep up heals with the tank.

Flash of Light is a quick save heal but mana consumption is high. It’s best to alternate FoL with Holy Light when there is time for the longer cast. Divine Light has the same cast time as HL but heals and costs significantly more; used for high damage situations.

Holy Shock is an instant small heal. Can save the member from death and allow time to cast another heal. Also grants a charge of Holy Power which is shown by the small bar below the character icon. A change from patch 4.0.1, this allows for an additional instant heal, Word of Glory. Each charge, up to three, adds to the power of WoG.

Also changed in the patch was an added group heal, Light of Dawn. From experience, this is an okay spell but the healer shouldn’t rely on this to save the party. It appears fairly weak compared to most other healer’s group casts.

Useful Healing Tactics for Major Encounters

Ensure BoL is on the tank or needed target at all times. Lay on Hands has an eight minute cd with the proper glyphs applied. This instant cast will heal the target for the amount of the paladins maximum health.

Divine Protection lasts 10 seconds and reduces all damage taken on any one target by 20 percent. Good to use while catching up on heals. Hand of Protection is like Divine Protection only it stops the player from doing any damage as well. NEVER cast on the tank as it will disable their ability to hold and maintain threat.

Guide to Other Various Spells Useful in Healing

Hand of Salvation is not used by all but can be very useful; particularly when one party member, not the tank, continuously pulls threat. Hand of Freedom is nice if it can be timed correctly but doesn’t last long. Aura Mastery (if spec’d into it) is nice for fights with lots of interrupts (Concentration Aura), physical damage (Devotion Aura) or magic damage (where applicable Resistance Aura).

Divine Favor lasts 20 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown. It’s a nice bonus for boss fight. Avenging Wrath much like DF is good for intense healing moments.

Divine Plea is used as needed in accordance with the two-minute cd. If there is a long boss encounter coming up, save the cd for use in the middle of the fight if necessary. Don’t forget to use potions and Flask of Mojo as well as needed.

Holy Paladins or Holadins are Strong Tank Healers

Despite Blizzard’s attempt to make them more efficient as a group or raid healer, their optimal place will still be as a tank healer. They are the best tank healers in the game and with practice, gear and time, the player can become very happy with the results. Remember that WoW is a game. If it isn’t fun, change it!