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Yoga dance, exercise and belly button rings

Yoga dance, exercise and belly button rings

Yoga dance – Women, and some men, of all ages are piercing the belly button or thinking about it. Decisions should be based on activity levels, health, and body image and body reality.

Deciding to Have a Belly Body Piercing

Only pierce an internal belly button (an “innie”). Although it is possible to find someone who will pierce anything anywhere, if you have an “outtie,” don’t.

Also consider the following before having your navel pierced:

  • The umbilical is a primary portal to the internal organs and massive infection. Don’t pierce it. It is the surrounding skin only that should be pierced.
  • The proper candidate for piercing is one who has enough outer skin to hold the ring. Too little skin and the ring may eventually stretch or migrate out of the skin
  • Don’t pierce scar tissue for reasons of difficult healing and insertion failure or infection. Consider a tattoo, if decorating scarred area is an obsession.
  • Certain designs are more difficult to rotate due to their shapes. Think of pierced ears and how a tiny ring or stud was placed so that it could be turned around in its socket to keep the skin from healing over it or pushing it out. Don’t choose barbells or partial curves for the first piece.
  • Don’t do this in freezing weather since the area is best left uncovered to heal.
  • Planning a pregnancy in the near future? Wait until for the belly to shrink to normal before initiating this procedure, especially in light of potential infection problems.
  • Consider nonallergenic metals such as surgical steel, gold, or titanium. Nickel is an allergen for many people.
  • Those with dry skin, psoriasis, keloids, or hyperpigmentation with trauma may reconsider getting this body decoration.
  • If antibiotics are needed before dental procedures, they are needed before this procedure as well. Get medical advice and a prescription.

After Being Pierced: Exercise, Yoga dance, with the New Piercing

Realize yoga dance, Pilates, or activities using the core or stretching, or contact sports (including partner yoga dance) must be avoided for a few weeks.

Also consider the following for yoga dance:

  • Follow the piercing technician’s directions on cleaning the site perfectly. Don’t improvise.
  • Don’t manipulate the navel ring more than necessary. Always wash hands first.
  • Don’t sit hunched over. Recline with butt forward and the back against the chair so the skin is relieved of any pressure.
  • Side angle poses, twists, and arm stretches across the abdomen can inadvertently knock the piercing around or out.
  • The hole can stretch with movement. Healing is long process for the navel area.
  • Sweat will delay healing. Sweat will also cause what be a mild contact allergy to become a major one with hives, itching, and redness, and generally feeling poorly.
  • Tight clothing will pull against jewelry and the site as it heals. Avoid wearing leotards, belts, or tights.
  • Avoid hot tubs. Hot tubs are baths of infection to open wounds.
  • Stretching interferes with healing and pulls the openings as well as the new jewelry. ( Similarly, if pregnant and pierced, remove the ring by the 5th or 6th month).

It may be easy to remove the piece even if the skin isn’t healed over. Removing it for yoga dance class may be an option.

Problems with Navel Piercing Healing

Any time the skin is broken, the barrier to infection is removed and there are risks. Select a clean experienced facility for the procedure.

Also consider the following:

  • Despite a hygienic process and sterile technique and jewelry with no allergic components, healing is still slow since this is a site with decreased blood supply and tissue integrity.
  • Localized cellulitis (redness, swelling, pus, pain) has been noted in up to 30% of instances.
  • Serious infections such as tetanus and infective endocarditis have been recorded in self-piercing of the belly button.
  • Any prolonged soreness, drainage, extreme tenderness to the touch, sudden discoloration, or navel proturberance, should be checked out as soon as possible.
  • Healed skin may be a different color then it was originally.
  • Navel jewelry can be flattering on the beach or about town but may not be appropriate during mind body fitness activities, unless small and well healed.