Home Technology Your Mobile Phone has Replaced the Computer

Your Mobile Phone has Replaced the Computer

Mobile Phone has Replaced the Computer Your Mobile Phone has Replaced the Computer

The World’s First Mobile Phone Although there were several radio styled devises that could be used for limited communication the first true mobile phone came into existence in 1983. The Motorola cost around $4000 dollars had a talk time of 30 minutes and was the size of a large brick and was just as heavy. This device compared to the phones of today bears no comparison.

1983 is not that long ago but since that time there have been rapid development of the mobile phone and the network structure that has resulted in it becoming the utmost competitive market in the world.

smart phone Your Mobile Phone has Replaced the Computer


The biggest development happened when, data transfer became possible, it was therefore possible to connect a mobile phone to the internet and creating a new device called a smart phone. This development allowed business to develop uniquely compared to before. Previously a company would utilize a PC or laptop to conduct all aspects of business primarily in an office environment. A mobile phone remained perfect for staying connected whilst out of the office. The Smartphone changed the landscape completely.

WhatsApp and Skyp Your Mobile Phone has Replaced the Computer

The Smartphone

With the Smartphone and its connectivity, it became possible to communicate in diverse ways. Features such as WhatsApp and Skype allow people to communicate with messages voice or video throughout the world 24 hours a day.

For a business this is perfect for controlling its work force and even communicating with customers. However, the Smartphone is capable of further beyond this, by allowing access to the same resources that are available to a PC in an office environment it in fact creates a virtual office anywhere in the world.

Virtual Office Your Mobile Phone has Replaced the Computer

The Virtual Office

With the virtual office for the first time there is more mobile devices connected to the internet than computers. Reasons for this is clear, from a Smartphone it is possible to work on the majority office systems such as excel and word, it is possible to gain access to banking facilities and search online. The complete mobility, and the difference in price of the Smartphone compared to a conventional computer are clearly key factors.

Personal Operation
The smart phone is not all about business figures show that beyond Five million people in the world have connected devices and at least half of these devices are smartphones. It is simple to understand the attraction of these devices for personal utilization with the ability to connect share and interact with anyone worldwide.

Take a picture, post on Facebook and Instagram, and anyone can view the picture. Birthdays, weddings, holidays, funny events, shocking events all visible immediately worldwide. They are also useful, product research it is possible to search on Amazon or one of countless online retailers. Want an ISA, a simple search and https://www.moneyfarm.com/uk/isa/ allows access to all the relevant information.

Will the Smartphone replace Computers?

The rapid development in the Smartphone has resulted in changes to the design and function of processors and software functions that allow evermore new Apps to work in new complex ways. However, this development has been primarily as an individual product separate to a computer.

This is now changing in that the technology developed for smartphones is starting to influence the computer. There have been suggestions that the two technologies will merge in the future creating a computer that will fit in a pocket or be part of clothing.


  1. my mobile phone is replace on my laptop its very use full for everyone my mobile and laptop both are my favorite

  2. Nice article but I’m almost sure that mobile phones can’t and will never replace PC’s and laptops due to some strong reasons, in fact too many to name all of them: 1. Screen size. Some tasks or works need a decent sized screen. 2. Performance. Some tasks requires a strong graphic card as video etidint etc.

  3. I find this article eye-opening. Although mobile phones are whats primarily used to take a peek of what is going on online. Majority of content creators and internet users find it easy to type away on computers, others use tablets especially while on the go it’s safe to say the computer will not be phased out any time soon.

  4. It is incredible what technology has brought to our lives, there are currently cell phone models that depend on the functionality of a computer, which makes the work more practical, especially for university students and entrepreneurs.

    An applause for you Techora, they provide enriching information, especially in the technological area.

  5. It is the truth that the smart phone is becoming the new office.Soon or later we will have pocket friendly computers enabling virtual offices as globalisation becomes more attractive

  6. Today mobile is very necessary for every people.mobile phone disturb the young generation because the have many advantages and disadvantages.

  7. you can transfer data from one mobile to another by using mobile phone. It becomes possible due to use of internet.

  8. The virtual office for the first time there is more mobile devices connected to the internet than computers.

  9. It really good to see this information it was very helpful keep going I hope to find more like this posts thanks for share this post

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