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10 Features Every Great Website Has

10 Features Every Great Website Has

Website design is a multifaceted process that has to consider everything from technical groundworks to graphic design. While a great website will incorporate a whole range of different features, there are ten fundamental elements vital for a successful website. 

1. Mobile Friendly 

According to official Google statics, more than 50% of global searches come from mobile devices. No longer can great websites get away with focusing on desktop searches, they must be optimized for mobile. 

2. Clear Navigation 

Without clear navigation, a website will appear chaotic and disorganized. A well-structured site is simple, clear, consistent and ordered, to ensure that users can intuitively move from page to page. Organization does not only affect how long users remain on the site, it also impacts search engine optimization. To achieve the highest search rankings a site must be structured for search engine crawlers. 

3. Security 

Security is another fundamental aspect of any great website, especially for sites selling products or services. A good online security system will not only protect your site from cyber-attacks, it will also protect the formation of your customers.

4. The Right Hosting 

Hosting can affect everything from your search engine rankings to your loading speeds. No matter how great the other aspects of your site may be, without fast loading speeds, it is unlikely that users will experience it. Research has found that 47% of users expect a site to load within two seconds and 40% of visitors will leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. To ensure your site has all it needs to succeed, use a popular hosting platform like Shopify or Big Commerce and partner with developers like blackbeltcommerce.com who specialize in your chosen platform. 

5. A Search Bar 

It is not enough to rely on a good, clear navigation layout, a great website needs a search bar. The reason that a search bar is so important is simple; the easier it is for people to navigate your site, the longer the user will stay.

6. Contact Information 

Every great website has contact information located somewhere easily accessible for the user. You might have a ‘contact us’ page or have your phone number and email address located in the footer. Making sure your contact information is easy to find enables users to get questions answered and difficulties resolved. 

7. Calls to Action 

Having a great website does not only mean having a site that performs well for the user, but also one that helps grow your business. Including calls to action is the best way to encourage users to complete desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up to your newsletter. 

8. Images

All great websites provide their visitors with visual stimulation, such as a header image or body image. People can process images much faster than written text, making it an ideal format for websites. Choosing the right images can help your site look more appealing to the customer and solidify your brand identity. 

9. Reviews

Including customer reviews will help to boost your credibility and customer trust, and will encourage people to interact with your company. Studies have found that 94% of people read online reviews before making a purchase, which shows just how important it is for your site to have a dedicated ‘reviews’ section. 

10. Frequently Asked Questions

Including a page of frequently asked questions will provide a better experience for the user, as they can quickly and easily find answers to their queries. It will also benefit customer service teams, as they don’t have to spend so much time answering the same questions.