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10 Teachings For Kids On Proper Use Of Internet And Parental Control App For Parents

Parental Control App For Parents

Internet offers indisputable benefits, but also risks and disadvantages, especially when it comes to protecting the rights and interests of children, safeguarding their privacy, integrity and development, and that it is precisely minors who are most exposed to all kinds of abuses, they can have irreversible consequences. To save families from the internet risks, here we give you 10 tips that you should educate your kids and tell you a little about parental control app – a tool for parents’ supervision and digital controls. Have a look!

10 Tips For Kids

  1. Think before you post. Everything you write on the network can remain within reach of others, even when you erase it: data, information, ideas, photographs. 
  2. Keep your password secret. Do not tell anyone. Invent one that is hard to guess, but easy to remember. Do not use your name or your date of birth. 
  3. Take care of your image and that of others. Do not upload photos of yourself or others that you may later regret. Once on the Internet, its dissemination is uncontrollable. Your publication can hurt someone. 
  4. Check what they know about you. Search your name on the internet and check what information appears on you.
  5. Close your session. If you connect to a computer that is not yours, always close your account so that others do not have access to your information or pretend to be you. 
  6. Respect others. You are responsible for what you publish. Take care of the words you put on forums and social networks. Do not do what you do not want them to do to you. 
  7. Use a nickname or alias. That way you protect yourself and only your friends and family will know it’s you.
  8. Do not say everything about you. Give as little information as possible. Do not expose yourself or expose yours. 
  9. Secure and take care of your accounts. Decide what information is convenient to publish and share on social networks, as well as who can access them.
  10. Create several e-mails. You can have one for friends, another for games and social networks, etc. 

Parental Control App For Parents!

A parental control app makes it easier for parents to take a peek into their digital activity and control it without hovering over your kids. You can handle this duty from anywhere you want and stay informed all the time. FamilyTime app is one of the best names in this matter.

It allows you to:

  • Monitor internet browsing, mobile apps, timings of their calls and texts, view texts and contact details. You can even put contacts on a Watchlist, the ones you think might be potentially unsafe.
  • Block unwanted mobile apps that encourage sexting, anonymous texting, bullying, gossiping and addiction.
  • Enable safe internet search option and apply internet filters to remove inappropriate content from your kids’ access.
  • Lock their devices during dinners, homework and after bedtime or whenever you want. This prevents Nomophobia and keeps them fresh and well rested.
  • Schedule auto screen locks for as many times as you want.
  • Put remote lock on their devices to hinder access instantly.

FamilyTime works on all Android, iOS and kindle devices and offers a lot more features. To see how does the app work, you can try all the premium features for free and know how it makes digital parenting easier.


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  5. First of all, both the parents and the kids should agree that any arrangement considering the use of internet is in the best interest of the child and not against him. As many kids are smart enough to do what they want inspite of any restrictions. On the other hand using a good app like (Family time) with this great specifications is a good choice for both the family and the kids as it enable kids to get what they want from internet without being passively affected.

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