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10 Ways to Use a Dead iPhone

dead iphone

I can tell you from personal experience that the iPhone, although a fantastically useful technological tool in my life, has a definite problem with water and heights. I have drowned my iPhone by jumping into the ocean while I had it tucked in my pocket. I have dropped my iPhone from a very high building. And I personally know someone who had their iPhone eaten by a manatee during their vacation.

While the Apple helpline is always friendly and courteous, they will absolutely laugh when told that you had your phone eaten by a giant mammal while on holiday in Florida. They will also shake their heads and tell you that, other than trying to repair it yourself, there is nothing they can do to replace your water damaged or destroyed iPhone unless you want to buy a new one.

So what now?

Here’s where a bit of creativity comes in to turn your dark night into a semi-beautiful day. Keep the iPhone and use one of our 10 suggestions to brighten up your life.

Bath Toy for Children

Well, it’s already dead, and it ain’t getting any deader. Since it resembles the shape of a very thin bar of soap, let your kids play with it in the bath. They can draw on the screen using soap and bubbles.

Very Small Glass Wipe-Board

It’s like a mini version of the wipe-board in the office. Use a grease pencil or even lipstick to draw and write on the glass screen, then clear it off again.

Fish Tank Decor

Again, since it’s already dead, a little water isn’t going to hurt it. Not only will your fish appreciate being technologically advanced for once, but it makes a great conversation piece. -Why is there an iPhone in the fish bowl? – So they’ll stop stealing quarters for the pay phone!

Pocket Mirror

Stick it in your pocket, bag, or purse and use the reflective glass surface as a quick mirror for checking your teeth or hair.

Spy Accessory

The reflective surface of the phone makes it ideal for a sneak peek around the corner to make sure your boss or wife isn’t on their way down the hall. As well, you can use it to take a quick check behind you and make sure you’re not being followed as you sneak off to the donut shop.

Hockey Puck

A shout out to all my Canadian friends. The back of the iPhone is curved which means it slides fantastically on smooth surfaces. Get out the hockey sticks and let the fight begin!

Pretend to Be Busy

This is especially useful if you haven’t gotten a replacement yet. Simply situate yourself in such a way that no one can see the screen. Then place a thoughtful look on your face and randomly drag your finger across the screen at intervals. Everyone will think you’re playing games or surfing the Internet.

Let Your Teenager Take It Apart

Let your teenager dissect your iPhone for educational purposes. You can also see if there is an electronic’s class in the school that would benefit from such a donation.

Weather Gage

Who needs a weather app? Simply stick the iPhone out the window for a minute and then bring inside. If it’s wet, then it’s raining so bring an umbrella. If it’s frozen, then it’s very cold so dress warm. If it’s gone, then there’s a tornado and stay home for the day.


Turn that glass screen into a coaster for your coffee table. You already destroyed your iPhone, might as well try to save the table, right?


  1. Hahaha very useful and helpful tricks to use a dead iphone. The idea of using the dead iphone as a decoretive part in fish tank is superb.Thanks

  2. hey man very useful and helpful tricks to use a dead iphone. The idea of using the dead iphone as a decoretive part in fish tank is superb.Thanks a lot man

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