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Drones Tips to Elevate Your Travel Photography

Drones Tips to Elevate Your Travel Photography

This is a digital era and travel photography has been revolutionized with the evolution of technology. Drones are also playing important roles. The flying device offers enthusiasts an outstanding opportunity to capture stunning aerial views of journeys. Renowned photographer and drone specialist Rebecca Douglas have something to say related to travel photography with drones. She highlights how drones have transitioned from bulky and licensable equipment to compact as well as lightweight companions that fits into a backpack. The transformation has democratized aerial photography. The transformation allows travelers to effortlessly document their adventures from captivating and unique perspectives.

Rebecca states that the coastal areas of Scotland provide an ideal backdrop for drone photography. She lives near the coast and this enables her to explore as well as capture breathtaking shots effortlessly. Scotland is equipped with rugged mountains and serene lochs. It is also equipped with Iceland’s dramatic winter scenery. All these offer good opportunities to appreciate the intricate patterns of nature from above. These locations inspire her to push the boundaries of drone photography and showcase the beauty as well as diversity through innovative aerial perspectives.

Evolution of Drone Technology

Rebecca looks back on how much drone technology has improved since she started using it in 2016. Drones were then big and required special licenses for flying. Today’s drones are much smaller, lighter and cheaper as well. These are easy to carry in a backpack while traveling. Moreover, the video and photo quality has gotten better gradually. Travelers can now capture amazing videos from above.

Favorite Shooting Locations

Rebecca loves coastal areas as these are special to her. Living near the coast makes it easy for her to explore as well as take beautiful pictures. She states that Scotland has all kinds of landscapes. The country has tall mountains and peaceful lakes as well. These are perfect for using drones to capture amazing photos. She is also fascinated by Iceland and especially in the winters because of stunning scenery. Seeing these places from above helps her see beautiful patterns and shapes in a whole new way.

Challenges of Drone Photography

Modern drones are handy but there are still some challenges. Wind and weather can affect how well drone flies. It is important to plan carefully before taking off. Drones also have rules about what temperatures they can handle. It is best to avoid really hot or extreme cold weather. It is equally important to know and follow the rules in the area where you are flying the drones.

Top Tips for Drone Enthusiasts

Rebecca emphasizes on practice as it is the key for new drone users. It is suggested to spend time practicing in a wide-open space. It is better to try taking off, landing and moving the drone around to get used to how it works. It is also important to have someone with you for support and to keep an eye on the drone while flying.

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Knowing the local rules for flying drones is important. Every country has different rules like how high or far you can fly. Drones are banned in places like airports and military zones. It is important to look for the rules to avoid getting into trouble and keep yourself as well as others safe.

Capturing Spectacular Drone Shots

Timing is everything in drone photography. Shooting during the “golden hour,” which means shortly after sunrise or before sunset, is the best time. Experiment with different angles and compositions are important to create captivating images.

If you are comfortable with advanced settings, it is better to explore manual mode to fine-tune the shots. Adjusting settings such as ISO, shutter speed and exposure allows for greater creative control.


Drone photography opens up exciting new possibilities for travelers who are looking ahead to capturing stunning views from unique angles. The advancement of drone technology has made aerial photography more accessible. It is affordable for everyone. Travelers can document their adventures with breathtaking images.

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It is important to prioritize safety and follow local regulations. It is always suggested to practice flying drones in open areas before traveling. Always keep an eye on weather conditions to ensure safe flights. It is better to experiment with different shooting techniques like capturing photos during the golden hour to enhance the beauty of aerial shots.


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