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10 Ways YouTubers Market Their Channels

youtube marketing 10 ways YouTubers market their channels

If you are someone who spends their time browsing online, nine out of ten times, chances are you would have spent time viewing a few YouTube videos. And if yes, you would have also identified that there are amateurish videos as well as professional ones.

YouTube channel and videos are one of the major sources of income for many people these days. It has become an offbeat and new career option. However, what would set you apart as a vlogger would be the efforts you put in to be unique and get maximum attention for your YouTube channel.

Mentioned below are some of the tried and tested techniques used by seasoned vloggers to bring in more views.

ask me questions 10 ways YouTubers market their channels

1. Try Q&A

If you are an expert in any field, you can have Q&A sessions set up and have the questions answered on your YouTube channel. When you create a video to handle questions from your subscribers, you can walk them through activities, software used and tips or techniques to be followed. For example, if you are good at video editing, you can assist your subscribers by suggesting top video editing software. Besides, you can even tell them how to use the best video stabilizer like the Movavi Video Editor.

youtube contests 10 ways YouTubers market their channels

2. Run Contests

You can run contests on your YouTube channel which will help you bring in more views and increased interaction with your viewers and subscribers. YouTube Contests are a great way to spread a word about your channel and your videos or encourage follow up views.

youtube community 10 ways YouTubers market their channels

3. Be active in the community

Any social media influencer, in order to garner attention for their social media account, should be active in the community. This holds good for YouTube users as well. YouTube and any other social media platforms work as a network of similar-minded users who extent thoughtful assistance to fellow users. You can watch relevant videos from other similar channels, comment on these videos and call out so that your viewers can visit these channels.

4. Work with Brands

Another innovative way YouTubers use to market their channel is to enter into agreements with brands and do promoted posts. This holds especially good if your YouTube channel relates to a specific industry or skill sets. You can be a video editing expert who can review video editing software. Or help them using a good video stabilizer for producing quality content.

5. Respect the community guidelines

When you post anything on YouTube, you need to ensure that the community guidelines are followed. It is one thing to be unique and stand apart from the crowd, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of not respecting the platform’s and community users’ sensibilities and rules. If your video gets flagged once, that means that your YouTube channel has garnered negative attention and that might cost you, followers.

6. Create a series

Another important tip you can follow is to create a series of videos that will be posted frequently. When you do this, you are creating a hook that will encourage your viewers to come back to watch the remaining videos of the series. In other words, you are encouraging increased views for your web series, and also encouraging new users to come over.

youtube playlist 10 ways YouTubers market their channels

7. Make Playlists

The playlist is a great idea when you want to share videos created under the same concept. You can compile various videos either created by you or by similar users and present them to your viewers as a one-stop shop. This way, you are helping your users learn more and presenting yourself in a positive light. Additionally, these playlists will also come with higher chances of being discovered when compared to stand alone videos.This is not an exhaustive list, but just a few tried and tested techniques, that you can use to help gain more viewership and subscribers for your channel.


  1. This awesome tips I never read online since I was struggling to grow my Youtube Channel. As from today, I will start to apply these 7 tips. One I like the most is to run a contest. I really appreciate sharing this valuable information. Thanks a lot

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  3. Nowadays,you tube has become a major source for income.And those tubers who are using various techniques to increase their popularity are on top of the main marketing.

  4. Thanks for this, I’ve been looking to set up a youtube channel recently and this has really helped me outline what I should in getting started. Thanks again!

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