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How to Block a YouTube Channel and Comments

How to Block Youtube Channel 2017

Are you looking for a way to block a YouTube Channel right now? You came to the right place then. YouTube is mot popular video sharing platform worldwide, which means you can find all kind of videos there.

It’s possible that you can notice some inappropriate videos. YouTube suggest videos based on your search history to recommend you most suitable videos.  But you won’t like to see some unsuitable channels continuously on your feed.

It’s better to block YouTube channel to get rid of this problem permanently. So, without any further ado let me tell you how to block a YouTube channel. Are you ready to start? Let’s go. Scroll down.

How to Block a YouTube Channel (& Others Comments)?

Some other YouTube channels are posting random comments on your video. You can block those users and channels to stop this mess. YouTube has a feature to prevent a user or a channel from commenting on your videos, and it’s very easy to use. However, their videos may show on your YouTube homepage again.

How to Block a YouTube Channel in Chrome?

Just follow the below steps to block a YouTube channel in Chrome at once. Keep reading. Let’s start.

  • Go to YouTube and look for the particular channel (or user) to block videos or comments. Simply, Open the channel, click on “About” option and then use “flag” to mark it as unsuitable.


  • Click on “Block User” (as you can see the option in the screenshot)
  • A pop-up box will appear afterwards,  click on “Submit” button.

The YouTube channel owner (or the specific user) whom you blocked won’t be able to respond to your videos, furthermore. Although, you may see videos suggestion on your homepage. I’m going to tell you how to block a YouTube Channel fully below. Keep reading, therefore.

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Block a YouTube Channel in Android and iOS Devices

You can block specific channels via YouTube app in Android and iOS devices. Let me tell you how to do it.

  • At first, open YouTube mobile app, and look for that particular YouTube channel (or user) to block.

  • Click on the channel and tap on three dots at the right corner and hit “Block User”.

block channel youtube mobile

  •  In the alert dialogue that pops up, tap on “Block”.
  • You’ve blocked the YouTube channel (or user) from your mobile app successfully. You won’t see video recommendations from this channel ever again.

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How to Block a YouTube Channel?

You can use an extension like Video Blocker to block a YouTube channel with one click.

  • Open YouTube, and find your desired channels to block.
  • Right-click on any unsuitable video from the channel, and select “Block Videos from this Channel“.

block videos from this channel

  • All videos will be blocked immediately from the channel.  That’s it. You can do it one click. Right?

How to Block Multiple YouTube Channels

It could be a tedious process if you want to block multiple YouTube channels. Isn’t it? Definitely. You can make a JSON file and import it on Video Locker to manage this task within one click. Let me show you.

  • Launch Notepad/Wordpad. Now, put all of your channel URLs in this file like below

    [{“key”:”channelname”,”type”:”channel”},{“key”:”channelname”,”type”:”channel”}, {“key”:”channelname”, “type”: channel”}] So, in my case, the JSON file will read:[{“key”:”Channel One”, “type”:”channel”}, {“key”:”Channel Two”, “type”:”channel”}, {“key”:”Channel Three”, “type”:”channel”}]

  • Done. Now, save the file .json extension.
  • Next, click on Video Blocker icon in Chrome, and open “Import” option to add the text file and switch back to the “Import” tab.
  • All channels info added now, which means that you blocked multiple YouTube channels successfully.

Final Verdict

Are you getting irrelevant video recommendation on YouTube frequently? You should implement these methods to block a YouTube channel (& user) right now. Did you find it helpful? Would you take a moment to share this article on social media to help others as well? You can drop a comment below if you know any other method to block a YouTube channel.

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