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12 Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions 2016


As without having any doubt, Chrome is a pretty powerful and amazing web browser which also provide you dozens of tinny software’s or apps for making your WEB Experience great and effective, such apps called “Extensions”. In this article, I’m share a 12 Popular Google Chrome Extensions which you must know about it. All these extensions are necessary for every chrome user to make their surfing experience more effective and efficient.

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Extensions also known as Plugins or Addons. You can easily download it from Google Chrome Web Store. Almost all these chrome plugins are available free of cost and you use them without any hesitation.

Chrome Extensions also supported all other Google Products. You not worry about their security because they are automatically updates and scanned by Google . All these extensions are virus free and you use them easily without any hesitation.

May be you know some of these Official Google Chrome Extensions – but overall all these are very important for newbies of chrome and all other Google Products users. Now check the complete list about chrome plugins below and download and install them from Chrome Web Store.

12 Best Google Chrome Extensions You Must Know

#1 – Honey – Know About Coupon Codes

image of honey best google chrome extensions

Honey is an amazing plugin for chrome users. It will automatically searches all types of coupon codes when you check it online or surfing online and want to buying something. You not directly search any type of coupons and sales. Simply install it and click on Honey Button and it will automatically apply coupon to your shopping cart .

#2 – LastPass – Password Manager

image of lastpass best google chrome extensions

When you working online and managing many different sites at a same time, you don’t understand how to safe your password and remember it. All this work will be done via LastPass – yes it will provide you the full interface to manage your passwords online and if you forgot your password it will reset it and secure for future use.

#3 – Earth View – Using Google Earth Map

image of earth view best google chrome extensions

Google Earth Map provide you the facility to view your earth photos via satellites. For this purpose you can use Earth View Using Google Earth chrome addon to view your earth photos simply by single click. Every time when you open new tabs inside windows, Earth View show you the most amazing images from all around the world via satellites.

#4 – Google Dictionary

image of google dictionary best google chrome extensions

If you’re a scholar, author, blogger or even writer then Google Dictionary is the best choice for you. When you reading contents online, there are many irrelevant words and phrases used which you may not understand. Some written contents are more irritating and you may not like that’s type of web contents. But using Google Dictionary Chrome Extension you can simply hover the mouse over it and know it’s complete meaning .

#5 – Better Search

image of better search best google chrome extensions

While you surfing online on search engines like Google, there are massive contents are found and sometimes you may satisfied with the results which you want to search on Google. Using Better Search chrome plugin – find better and amazing contents with faster speed and save what you want and what you like. Using Better Search you can easily annotate, tag, bookmark any sites , preview web pages, or even block any sites and much more.

#6 – Adblock Plus – Block online Advertisements

image of adblock plus best google chrome extensions

Adblock Plus – without any doubt is a very popular Google Chrome Extension all around the world. Almost every one know about it and use it. Using Adblock Plus addon, it will block any type of advertisements which are shown on your visited sites. This is a free plugins which can be block various kinds of ads and all types of other advertisements. It is very popular and most amazing extension in the world.

#7 – Awesome ScreenShots – Capture Screen You Like

image of awesome screenshot best google chrome extensions

Awesome Screenshot is a most popular extension in the Google Web Store which has more than 2+ Millions Users all around the world, which show their facility and their value. It is used to capturing your screen or any thing online. When you visit any web page and want to capture it simply click on Awesome screenshot button and capture it as a image file into your PC.

#8 – MOZ SEO Toolbar – SEO Toolbar For Webmasters

image of MOZ SEO toolbar best google chrome extensions

MOZ which is formally called “SEO MOZ” is a very popular and biggest SEO company in the world. It provides a free MOZ SEO Toolbar which you can use into your chrome browser . When you search anything on search engines like Google, every sites states will be shown by MOZ. Like their DA, PA, PR, Backlinks, Ranking, etc. 

#9 – Giphy – Gif’s Images Manager

image of giphy best google chrome extensions

Giphy is a very popular site about Gif’s images same like Emoji. Gif’s are the most popular way to express yourself what you want to tell the audience. Gifts are something like video animation pictures which are used as a image file with .gif extension. Giphy extension provide you the simple way to search Gif’s files right into your browser window easily.

#10 – Feedly – Collect Feeds From the WEB

image of feedly best google chrome extensions

In the past , Google Reader is the most amazing and very popular feed reader . But in 2013 it will be not updates and “Feedly” rose to take up the place of Google Reader. Now Feedly has millions of users worldwide who use it. By using Feedly, you can like sites and it will collects their feeds and show you the notifications on the icons about every single new feeds of every website which you added in feedly. 

#11 – Gmail Mail Checker – Check Gmail Emails

image of gmail mail checker best google chrome extensions

As every one know that Gmail Webmail service is the No.1 service in the world which is used by millions or even billions of people worldwide. Gmail Mail Checker is a chrome extension which is used to show you the notification and all other unreadable emails in the form of icon just upper right side of your chrome browser. Simply click on it and directly go to your account and read all your emails easily. 

#12 – Save To Google Drive 

image of save to google drive best google chrome extensions

Google Drive is a cloud base storage provided by Google to their users to save their data online using Google Drive . Save To Google Drive extension helps you to save any image, web page, files , video directly into your Google Drive by simple right click on it and save it.

So these are the most popular Google chrome extensions which are used by everyone and hope – you also use it but if you not then try it atleast ones, because it will provide you better experience via Google Chrome Browser.