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22 Best SEO Tools That Make Your Life Easier

In the previous post, I’m share a 13 Best Free Online Keyword Research Tools to improving your marketing. Now in this post, I’m share a 22 Free Best SEO Tools that saves your time and make your life more easier. You can use all these tools for your marketing purposes, improving site traffic, getting targeted traffic, and manage your On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. 
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You find many tools on many places, but if you want to check all the free best SEO tools in one place, then this article is for you and hope you’ll Love this post.

I personally tested and used many of these tools which i’m sharing with my all readers.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is a marketing technique which you can use freely for getting long term basis result. It gets more time to show you the results . It is the most popular strategy among all the webmasters and bloggers too.

In this guide, these 22 best SEO tools use as a SEO Analyzer for checking your ranking in the search engine like Google, Bing , Yahoo etc. You’ll be able to analyze your results. Now see the complete guide about most popular free SEO tools.

22 Best Popular SEO Tools For Research & Analysis

#1 – Google Keyword Planner Tool

( Use for getting Keywords Ideas and Use for Advertisements of your Products )

Image of Google keyword planner tools the best seo tools all the time

In Google Keyword Planner Tool , simply enter your desired keyword and get the complete list about it, it’s competition, it’s suggested bids, it’s monthly searches and much more. Also get more similar keywords ideas which you also used into your posts.

#2 – MOZ Toolbar

( Popular SEO Toolbar use for get all the site insights like PA, DA, Backlinks, Ranking etc )

MOZ seo toolbar best seo tools for chrome and firefox browsers

MOZ is a popular SEO tools, which is also called “SEO MOZ” in past. If any toolbar i’m suggested then MOZ is my first priority. Simply installed into your browsers, and it can automatically show you the complete SEO Insights within the Google Search Results Pages ( SERP) . When you search any thing in the Google Search, this tool provide you the complete information about this site like it’s ranking, social shares, PR, PA, DA etc.

#3 – SEOQuack

( Similar to the MOZ use to analyze PA, DA, PR, Ranking etc )

image of SEO quack best seo tools for ever

SEO Quack is also the best toolbar for your web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome etc. It is also works like MOZ toolbar. SEOquack show you the results on Google Search, with their complete insights like their backlinks, domain age, Pagerank, PA, DA etc. You can also find the keywords which is competitive or not, so get this keyword and use your own and grab the first page ranking.

#4 – Google Analytics

( Check and analyze your website performance and complete analytics )

image of google analytics best seo tools for webmasters

If you’ve a blog or website, then you must know about this tool called “Google Analytics”. It is the free tool provided by Google to webmasters to see their site insights and website performance . Simply log in it using your Gmail ID and use this best free online tool.It show you the traffic reports, most searched keywords, site links, means complete analytics about your website and blogs.

#5 – Wordstream

( People use for getting profitable keyword ideas – Best alternative to paid tools )

image of wordstream best seo tools for keyword ideas

Wordstream no doubt the best free keyword research tool that offers you to get thousands of keyword ideas from it’s database results. Many people also use many popular paid SEO tools. Wordstream is the best alternative for all these paid tools in the market. If you want to get high paying keyword ideas, then also utilize Wordstream.

#6 – Google Search Engine

( Search anything and getting results which you want )

image of google.com best seo tools

As every one who use internet know about the term “Google“. Everyone know that this is the best search engine in the world, if we want to find anything then we use Google. But only few of them know that this is a great SEO tools itself. It’s latest algorithms provide you the keyword ideas which you never expected. It provide you the best keywords which are mostly searched in the SERP’s . So use Google as a SEO Tools to get keyword ideas, examine indexation process, duplicate contents, analyse results etc.

#7 – Bing Search Engine

( Alternate to Google, for searching and use as a free tools )

Bing search engine best seo tools

Same like Google , Bing search engine also a very popular search engine which is used as a free SEO tool for optimize your contents according to Bing results. Simply use both Google, and Bing and getting many ideas for improving marketing skills, and much more.

#8 – Google PageSpeed Insight

( Check your site speed usability on all other devices e:g, Desktop, Tablet, Mobiles etc )

image of google page insights best seo tools

Go to the Google PageSpeed Insight, and enter your site URL, it will show you the loading time your site and show the performance of how to look like your site on different devices like Desktop, Tablets, Mobiles etc. Also suggest you to how to improve your site performance using different things.

#9 – Keywordtool.io

( Getting keywords ideas upto 700+ on every single keyword )

image of keywordtool.io best seo tools for ever

is the best keyword research tool in the industry which provide you the 700+ keywords ideas based on a single keyword. You can also use this tool for getting long-tail keywords . This tool is also use for keyword research for YouTube, Bing etc.

#10 – GTMetrix

( Best alternative to all page speed test tool )

image of gtmetrix best seo tools for check speed test

is used for check your website loading speed. Simply enter your URL and it will automatically analyze your site and conduct speed test and show you the results like, Page speed, loading time, give you the Grade according to your site speed and provide some tips of how to improve your website site speed time .

#11 – Open Site Explorer

( Analysis your site links comprehensively using Open Site Explorer )

MOZ open site explorer best seo tools for website owners

Open Site Explorer free version provide you the whole overlook of your site links, links analysis. Provide the comprehensive detail about the internal and external linking of your site.

#12 – Keyword Eye

( Getting Keyword Suggestions )

keywordeye best seo tools for getting keyword ideas

Keyword Eye is used for providing you the keyword suggestions on different keywords. People getting many new ideas from them. It show you the results on cloudy style.

#13 – Monitor Backlinks

( Get Monitor your site backlinks and your competitor results )

image of monitor backlinks of your websites

As it’s name show that “Monitor Backlinks” , this SEO tool used for monitor your site backlinks. It is a best platform for monitoring your site linking and all newly born links and show you the keyword ranking . It also provide you the reports of your competitors when they acquire any new backlinks to their sites.

#14 – UbberSuggest

( Suggest Keywords – Getting Long Tail Keyword Ideas )

image of ubbersuggest best seo tools

Ubbersuggest is a free online keyword researching tools, which provide you the suggestions on every single keywords alphabetically. When you enter any keywords, it show you the complete list from A – Z with long tail keywords.

#15 – SEO Chat

( SEO Platforms to provide many different free online tools )

image of seochat best seo tools

SEO Chat is a comprehensive SEO platform which provide you many powerful and useful SEO tools free of cost. Getting keywords suggestions, search engine news, tips and tricks, optimize your site and much more.

#16 – Web Developer Toolbar

( Specially designed for web developers to getting new ideas )

22 Best SEO Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Web Developer Toolbar is especially designed for web developers to check other site statistics. In our SEO audits, it is the most profitable technical phase for us. Use this and if you want to learn more about it then read the Glenn Gabe’s Article on Search Engine Watch. 12 Helpful Features for Technical SEO – Web Developer Plugins

#17 – Copyscape

( The best online free Plagiarism Checker Tools )

copyscape best plagiarism checker tools

Copyscape is a free online plagiarism checker tool. Simply enter your website URL in the given field and click on GO, it will automatically check your whole site and give you the result about how much your contents unique, and how much plagiarisms found in a while.

#18 – Robots.txt Generator

( Create free robots.txt files for your blog or website for restricting search engine crawlers )

22 Best SEO Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Robots.txt file is a simple text file which is used inside blog or website for restricting search engine crawlers to crawl a page or not. In this file, you will given the permission to the crawlers of which page is crawl or which is not . Use robots.txt generator for this purpose.

#19 – Quick Sprout

( Comprehensive SEO Tool to analyze your websites and blogs )

22 Best SEO Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Quick Sprout is a very helpful and useful tool which is extremely helpful for you for the analysis of your websites and blogs. Simply go there and connect it with your Google Analytics tool and analyze your online visibility, Total number of social shares, website speed test and much more.

#20 – Varvy – ( Feedthebot )

( Extreme free SEO tools for checking your website states, loading speed, and other )

image of varvy is the best seo tools

also known as Feedthebot. Varvy is free online SEO tools provider service which allow you to check your website analytics according to their HTML, CSS, JavaScripts, loading speed, optimizing issues and much more.

#21 – Google Trends

( Check Where your targeted audience exists – in which region your audience will exists)

image of google trends the best seo tools

Google Trends
is the best tool for marketers who don’t know where their targeted traffic available. Use this tool, and enter your keyword and search, it will show you the city name, country name where this keyword mostly searched.

#22 – Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool

( Check website loading speed )

image of pingdom the best website seed test tools

Pingdom is a free online SEO tool which provide you the report about your website speed. Get website speed test and check your website speed using Pingdom.

Over To You ! ! !

So this is the complete list of 22 best SEO tools which is my favorite also . These tools provide you to get your site analytics and keywords ideas and much more things. Utilize all these tools, and tell me which you already use and which is best in your point of view in the comment section.

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