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14 Best Inspirational Movies All Entrepreneurs Should Watch


Today, in this article, I’m share with you 14 top and popular inspirational and motivational movies that every entrepreneurs must watch it. This is the age of Entrepreneurship revolution. It has not an easy way and it get be more tough than you always might be expected in this business type or entrepreneurship. There must be many tough place arrived during your journey and might be you should give up. But I’ll always advise you this is not a time machine but it can gives you a lot in future if you struck it with passion and goal.

14 Best Inspirational Movies All Entrepreneurs Should Watch

No one any can say that entrepreneurship is so easy. Thousands or a millions of hurdles and obstacles seem to stand in your way every day. But remember that, you are not a simple and average person, you might be become an entrepreneur if you want. For this purpose I’ll share there top motivational movies list that you should watch whenever you give up in your entrepreneurship journey.

These list of movies are many of just as an adventure base, irrelevant comedy and on a documentary based, but I may be inspired and motivate you and every business owner. These flims listed in this article are collected from popular movie sites based on thier reviews. What that into your mind, be calm and watch out the top 14 movies which inspire you a lot in your career.

#1. The God Father


The God Father is one of the best and greatest movie in the world based on the best book we’ve ever read. It is basically about a business of a small family which are living in a New York city and then they became the largest organized family in New York. God father and his son are the main role in this movie. View the trailer and if you want to see full movie then buy it on Amazon store.

#2. The Social Network


The Social Network is the most popular inspirational and motivational movie in this age, because it is developed in the life of Mark Zuckerberg which is the CEO and founder of Facebook, the world largest social networking website. Almost everyone know about this website. In this movie, almost all aspects are covered , of how it get idea and how he struck with this and now he is the youngest billionaire in the world. This movie can inspire you a lot if you want to become and entrepreneur. Whenever, i’ll bored and give up from my online journey, i’m watch this movie and it again inspire me to be a better entrepreneur.

#3. Pirates of silicon Valley



Pirates of Silicon Valley is a documentary movie which is made for TV shows in 1999 that will covers the early days in this country and now both founder like Bill Gates and Steve Jobes eventual rise it . It can gives you the complete idea of early lives of both founders of Apple and Microsoft. Entrepreneurs must watch this movie if he want to inspire him a lot.

#4. Wall Street


Wall Street can be made in 1987. It was directed by Olive Stone made Gordon Gekko which is one of the most famous characters in the movie history with his unique motto ” Greed is Good”. This movie purely consists of how illegal and unethical decisions made you a rich. Watch and inspire yourself.

#5. Office Space



Office Space movie was officially launched in 1999 which is in the category of a Comedy movie. You can watch this movie trailer below and if you want to buy this movie then buy on Amazon store in DVD format. Hope you like it a lot and motivate yourself as an entrepreneur.

#6. Night Crawlers



Every entrepreneur who have a great vision in his life and want to become a successful person in the world, then Night Crawler is one such movie for you. This is some how little brutal but overall so inspirational which is acted bu Jake Gyllenhaal which will keep you surprised. This movie is about the guy who was struggling a lot with finding a job, but he couldn’t get any one. But after wards, the guy found a job opportunity , when he saw a live crime journalism. Go watch this movie all of you and come back to share you thoughts below this article.

#7. The Pursuit of Happyness



The Pursuit of Happyness is one of my best and favorite inspirational movies and the awesome movie which never let me to giving up. The main actors are Will Smith’s and Chris Gardner. They will lead you success and gives you goosebumps. This is a true story based movie which is directed by Chris himself. It adds much more reality because director of this movie is Italian and no Hollywood ever.

#8. Forrest Gump



Forrest Gump is beautiful story of a simple and honest man which is created under 1994. A man in this movie which role as a hero, is a simple and good intention man, who becomes a successful accidentally. He wins a lot of medals , and after that he becomes a professional player of ping-pong,and then he owns a biggest shrimping company and inspires people all across his county. Watch this movie and inspire yourself and if you have any experience with the, then let me know in the comment section below this article.

#9. Moneyball



Moneyball movie is all about money and financially decisions. It was shouted in 2011. This movie is about the Oakland A and its general manager Billy Beans. The team has a full lacks of lot of a financially. In baseball, team has nothing about it and also pays some kind of salary. This movie is especially for those entrepreneurs who want to take innovative approach to an existing way of doing well and established a big business and also beat out their competitors. After watching this movie, comment below and tell how your experience with them.

#10. Something Ventured


Something Ventured is shouted in 2011. This is a documentary movie which is all about the exploring the Venture Capitalists avenue. This is about the first silicon valley industry Venture Capitalists. Watch and motivate yourself and other with share it.

#11. Ctrl + Alt + Compete


Ctrl + Alt + Compete is one of the best and motivational documentary based movie. It is base on most of the modern startup industry. Take the insight look on high to low and all realities of the startup world. This movie is not helpful to you to inspire you but also help you to build the positive outlook.

#12. The Game


The Game is a San Francisco-based life of a guy who always wrapped with the business. Nicholas Van Orton is the main role in this movie who is a wealthy San Francisco banker. His brother gives him the gift which he would prove to change his perspective. Watch and then decide which is most inspirational and motivational.

#13. Wolf of Wall Street



All the other movies in this list are placed in their own place, but Wolf of Wall Street is the awesome and most popular movie in the Hollywood cinema and in the entrepreneur’s life. This is all about the story of a boy who went for nothing. Jordan Belfort puts the most inspiration in this movie for you. This movie tells you how great jobs are depicting businesses cultures are created in a good manner and fast growing companies.

#14. Risky Business



Watch out the trailer of Risky Business movie. It is a good story which is all about what you have to do when you take a long trip and you want to have a lots of money . With his parents away and responsibility out of the window, Joel starts to realize that it’s not all as easy as he was expecting much. Watch this and let me know about your experience.

Final Words

So these are my top and inspirational movies list, and I’m sure that there are many of you when you watch these movies , inspire and motivate a lot. I’m also know that there are many other movies are exist which you want to know, then do share your list via comments below. Also let me know which inspire and motivate you a lot from this list. Share you thoughts and tell me this is useful for you or not? do share it on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc.

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