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Top 13 Popular Keyword Tools for Research and Analysis


Keyword Research is a some how practice which is use by SEO ( Search Engine Professionals ) for finding and researching their targeting keywords for high ranking in search engines. First of all they find a specific keyword as a topic or niche, then they explore this niche into further but similar keywords. The best part of successful SEO is that you can easily find and ranked on long-tail keywords. Here is the complete list of top 13 keyword tools for researching and analyzing .

Get Popular Top Keyword Research Tools for Your SEO Business

Although these are not good in traffic point of view and but it can also get some traffic from search engines.If you can find long-tail words and then use it properly, it guaranteed that your article will be higher rank in search engines.

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Here in this article, i’ll share with you the best and top 13 keyword research tools which you can use to find and research keywords for your website or blogs contents. You can use these easily and find some profitable keywords which are helpful to you to ranked in search engines.

List of Top 13 SEO Keyword Research Tools

1 – Google Keyword Planner

The No.1 and free marketing keyword research tool which is owned by Google Company called Google Keyword Planner Tool which you can easily and freely used for research profitable keywords and ranked in google very easily. Simply sign into your adwords keyword planner account, and then go to keyword planner and put it keyword and analyze the keywords which is best for you.

2 – Word Tracker

Word Tracker is also a famous keyword researching tool . It is a commercial application that offers a free keyword tool on their front end. You can easily use this tool and find keywords for your blog or website.

3 – Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is another commercial tool with a free version. Using this tool you can search out for not only keywords variations , but also find suggestions or similar words, and some spelling guides. This tool can be developed for especially for PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertisements. But you can use it for any purpose.

4 – SEMRush

SEMRush is a very famous and popular keyword research tool now a days. I’m not use it at all but it is very awesome for keyword research. Using this amazing tool you can easily find many options in it. It is great tool for find competitive research as well as individuals keywords.

5 – SpyFu

SpyFu is also designed for competitive researching. This is also a awesome and popular tool which you can easily used for better online visibility in search engines as well as on social media websites. You can get a great overview about it on its official site.

6 – KGen

KGen basically is a Mozilla Firefox add-ones extensions / plugins that is basically analyzing the keywords in a visiting page. It may not be a substitute for any other tool like Google Tool, but it a great place and interface to start and understanding targeting keywords research.

7 – Keyword Tool

Keyowrd Tool is a pretty awesome tool, which you can use freely but for analyzing and used all features you can first buy it. But here in this tool you get the idea of long tail keywords easily and free, simply put a keyword in their search bar and find some related and similar long tail keywords suggestions.

8 – AccuRanker

Accuranker is a paid tool which is also called keyword rank tracking tool. It is very fast whenever you use it . It has been built with proxies to get a quick response and ranking within SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages ) for any keyword. It has great features which you can use easily and get high ranked.

9 – Google Trend

Google Trend basically is a marketing tool which is also provided by Google free of cost. It is basically used for finding locations of a particular keywords. when you put a keyword in search bar, it tells you how much it search and where in which country it is mostly searched.So using this tool you can target your audience and get idea. This is a popular and biggest online marketing tool use it for more features.

10 – Hubspot Keyword Tool

Hubspot keyword tool is a paid tool which you can use after buying it. It will helps you a lot for researching words, identify the best and targeting keyword for your products or you site contents. Easily track out the whole results in one place. It has many features and fully modernized with all latest technologies.

11 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a most similar wit the SEMRush but it has more and awesome features. It’s design is awesome and beautiful and user friendly. It is also called position explorer.

12 – MOZ Keyword Difficulty Tool

MOZ Keyword Tool can also be used for finding best keywords for your business. It is most useful components and fantastic keyword research resource for analyzing the other competitiveness of any keywords. You can simply put a keyword and it will show you the to 10 ranking for that particular keyword. Also it assign difficulty score and many other features.

13 – Ubbersuggest

Ubbersuggest keyword tool can be designed for some suggestions on a particular keyword which you can entered in the search bar. It is most awesome popular tool and almost all SEO expert use this tool for getting idea and suggestions of their required keywords.

So these are top 13 SEO Keyword Research Tools which are some free of cost and some are paid , so you can use these keywords and get better SERP’s ( Search Engine Result Pages ) ranking . Hope that you know about these great tool somehow, and now let’s start to get out these best keywords tools for better SEO.

What tools and methods you are already used or if any use from this list then comment below and share with the others.