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15 Free Things On the Internet Which are Useful For Everyone


Are you new on the internet? or already use it, here are 15 Totally free Things  on the internet which are useful and everyone should take advantages from them. Internet of everything about your needs. These things are valuable and everyone must should know about that. I’ll find all these things on the internet whenever I’ll searching something else on the internet.

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These things are useful for students and researcher too. If you’re a student and surfing a lot to find any thing which fulfill your needs, then don’t worry, these all things are much useful for you. There are different things used in different categories. If you like this post, please do share it with your friends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

15 Free Things On Internet Which are Useful For Everyone

#1 – Learn All Languages On Earth

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It is natural thing that, every one don’t know about all languages on the earth, because there are thousands of languages are spoken on the earth, and you also speak that language, in which state you live. For example, if you live in India, your language is Hindi, If you’re from England, you speak English, If you’re from Russia, your language Russian and same like all other geographical states on the earth.

#2 – Learn College Courses

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There are hundreds of websites are available on the internet which help you to learn anything according to your choice. If you’re are programmer, and want to learn any thing related to programming, then simply go to Internet and search online college courses, and you’ll find thousands of free and paid courses according to your interest. These college courses contains video tutorials, audio tutorials, texts tutorials etc. Like go to Udemy and learn anything via video tutorials or go to Coursera which is the largest online free courses provider.

Go Udemy To Learn Anything

Learn Marketing!

#3 – Make Money Online

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If you’re using the Internet, then you can see this phrase on different sites, on search results, on advertisements etc. Thousands of even Millions of people are used internet to make money online through different ways. There are thousands of ways to make money on the internet. You can able to make money through video editing, freelancing, blogging, video tutorials, start a online business, digital marketing etc. So if you also want to make some bugs while you’re free on the internet, then search on the internet about “How to Make Money Online” .

#4 – Get Information About Any Topic

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Internet is the main and biggest source of information on the earth. It contains billions of sites and billions+ web pages which contains information about any topic on the earth. If you want to find information about 5000+ years ago, you can easily access that particular information. There are unlimited access to the mega-library of documentaries on the internet like Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the biggest source of information on the internet where you find almost any information.

#5 – Play Free Games Online

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Are you a gamer or game lover, or you’re a young little boy/girl, then you can playing video games online fee of cost. There are thousands of websites are available on the internet where you can freely playing online games on all categories. Like if you interested in Bike Games, Car Games, Girl Games, Fighting Games, etc then you can playing this game online easily and freely.

#6 – Online Shopping

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After the more use of information technology, everyone shops online on the internet and getting their required things directly to their homes. This trend making popular within few years, so now today almost everyone have a credit / debit card to shops online from different big eCommerce websites. There are different cheap online shopping websites like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and all other small sites available on the internet where you buy anything. Simply you’ve online bank account or credit / debit card for online shopping. Internet shopping becomes popular trend now a days, because everyone getting their required things in their hands within an hours, or day.

eCommerce Websites For Online Shopping

#1 – eBay
#2 – Amazon
#3 – Alibaba

#7 – Communication with Friends

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The biggest and most useful thing about the internet it that, it can close the distances. If you’re live in Pakistan and want to talk, chat (Communication) with your relatives, friends or any others then internet provide you this facility free of cost. You can use different social networking websites which are the most popular and also useful thing for Internet users of all ages. Simply use Facebook, Twitter, or other social sharing sites for communication. By using these sites, you can chat, email, video calls, and much more free of cost.

#8 – Save your Files On Free Online Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage are the very famous trend on internet to save your files and folders and useful data free of cost. Many different sites provide this facility like Mediafire, who provide up to 10 GB space to free users, where you can save your confidential data easily. Same like mediafire, another and the most used by business owners is the Dropbox. Dropbox is a free file sharing service on the internet which you can use to upload, save your data, files, folders and access to it to anywhere from the world. So these site become your personal digital library, where you store your informational files, folders without any hesitation because all these sites are trusted.

#9 – Watch / Read Online Newspaper

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In past, people use newspapers to read and getting the information from their country and the world. But after the information technology rise, everything changed. People use internet to read newspaper and watch news channels on the internet free of cost. In which country you lived, almost all news agencies create their websites for their viewers to watch online tv news and read e-paper online via their sites.

#10 – Learn How To Make Healthy Recipe Foods Online

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Learning is the main point on the internet for to do anything. If you’re a foody people, or want to learn how to make a delicious foods, then internet is the best source of information. Simply watch different video tutorials, read articles and learn how to make pizzas, different vegetables, make juices etc. Also make amazing and interesting cool cakes, healthy and dieting foods etc.

#11 – Learning New Technology

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Technology can be discovered every seconds of life. There are many new technologies are found and discovered on each and everyday and many of them are successfully fulfill. You can use internet and learn about all new technologies by reading different websites, blogs, news sites, forums and most important are social media sites where you find each and every new trend from all around the world.

#12 – Get All New Fonts You Could Ever Want

image about classic fonts free stuff on the internet everyone should taking advantage of

Generally, finding the best and right font for your interest is not a big problem. But that’s was probably you don’t know the the dizzying heights designs has reaching in recent few years. Lost Type is the very amazing and cool font styling site where you find every type of blog from stylized head to sans-serif toe. You find amazing and useful fonts for your images, texts and make your work more professional and looking cool.

#13 – Entertain Yourself

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After the information, the biggest thing about the internet is that, it is the way of entertainment all around the globe. Even people use internet as a entertainment source primarily. You can use YOUTUBE which is biggest video sharing website on the earth, which is the best entertainment site in recent time. People watch videos, dramas, movies, songs etc and entertain yourself as much as you can.

#14 – Torrents – Download Anything

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Torrents are the pirated sites where you can different cracked and pirated things like software’s, apps, templates, plugins, movies, songs, online courses etc. There are different torrent sites are use on the internet that help you to download torrent files. Almost anything which you want to download it, simply go to Torrent sites.

#15 – Feed / Help the World

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On the internet, if you’ve much money and want to donate some of your money to needy and poor people, then internet is the best place. Find different organizations, and donate some money to feed the world poor people. This is also a very good job which help you to made you better person in your eyes as well as others.If you’ve much money in your hands, then feed the hungry people and save our planet.

So these are the best 15 free things on the internet which are useful for everyone. There are thousands of others things which you’re doing on the internet. Hope you’ll like my this post, for more latest posts, subscribe us and share us ! ! !