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50+ Best Wikipedia Alternatives For College Students


Today, I’m going to tell you about the top references websites on the internet for students, researchers, teachers or any others who want to find information related to any topic. In this article, I’m share more than 50+ best Wikipedia alternatives which are very useful reference sites for getting information on any topic. This list includes many sources which are reliable, trusted and full informational scholarly work. Our goal was to put different reference websites for college students, teachers, researchers, that are better alternatives than the Wikipedia.

Remember : “There is no alternative to Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia”
Wikipedia is the world largest free encyclopedia and reference site, who provide free content encyclopedia projects which are supported by Wikimedia Foundation. You can also edit these contents. Wikipedia articles provide you links reference based information which are very useful and you can understand each and every difficult word easily. Wikipedia founded in 2001 and contains more than 38,00,00,00+ articles who manage over 70000+ contributors. You can easily find reference and information on any topic, but we want to provide some other resources which you utilize and explore your knowledge.

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So in this article below, we share more than 50+ websites which are reference based and alternative to Wikipedia. Almost all internet users use Wikipedia as a quick reference when they’re looking for some kind of information or looking for an overview of information and additional sources. Some sites we suggested below, but the others are listed on About.Com, where you find these sites. We provide link below this article.

50+ Best Wikipedia Alternatives – the free encyclopedia


#1 – Yahoo Answers

No doubt, Yahoo Answers is the best alternative to Wikipedia where you find almost every kind of questions and people from all over the world answers that questions. That was not great reference, but you can get an idea of what was you find.

#2 – About.Com

About.Com is the fundamental resource website where you find articles, on all categories like Food, Health, Money, Lifestyle, Technology, Travel etc. They provide an enough knowledge which anyone easily satisfied. If you’re a student and find some resources site then about.com is the best for you.

#3 – Citizendium

Citizendium is the best Wikipedia alternative which is also developed on Wikipedia related technology. This site completely look like Wikipedia, so it also help you to find more easily any information on any topic.

#4 – WikiHow

WikiHow is a site of how to do anything. This site also very helpful for researcher, students and teachers to find information of how to related problems. You can find all categories like Food, Health, Business, Make Money, Sports etc. It is not an alternative to Wikipedia, but reference point of view, it is very helpful site.

#5 – Everipedia – the encyclopedia of everything

Everipedia is also something like Wikipedia who provide reference based article which are helpful for everyone. They provide brief information on any topic, you can also utilize it for some kind of reference sites.

#6 – Scholarpedia

Scholarpedia is a very popular website which is as same as MediaWiki software. It is something look like Wikipedia, but it contains many different references. Articles are written by experts which are very useful for scholars, students and teachers too.

#7 – Infoplease

Infoplease is a free encyclopedia that is created by Pearson Education, who is the largest educational book distributor in the world. You can find information on many topics, and don’ worry all information are collected from different and trusted sources.

#8 – Conservapedia

Conservapedia is same look like Wikipedia site which is the best alternative to many other reference sites. Any information which is not useful deleted by their editorial staff. You can find information on all topics. You can also use it with Wikipedia and gain knowledge.

#9 – Digital Universe

The Digital Universe directory is very big informational directory on the earth. This directory converted into several subject-specific categories which is very useful for users.You find information on Health, Arts, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Sports, Professional Careers, Governments, Society etc.

#10 – Encyclopedia – free online encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia is the best Wikipedia alternative which is very useful and reference informational site which you can fully trust. Here you find information on trusted sources, encyclopedias, dictionaries, definitions, biographies, word origin and abbreviations etc.

#11 – Fact Monster

Fact Monster is an information provider site specially for kids. It is a very popular reference source for children. Factmonster contains basic knowledge and information about all subjects. They also provide different games and quizzes.

#12 – Refdesk

The refdesk is a reference based site for researchers to research on any topic deeply. Getting information from there well informed articles. Many different topics with reference are discussed here.

#13 – eHow – How to do anything

eHow also a best alternative to Wikihow & Wikipedia sites. Whether you want and need to fix any thing, or build, create or learn, eHow is the best choice ever. eHow provides you practical solutions to all the problems life. They solve all problems easily and you’ll find many detailed articles on many topics.

#14 – Quora – the best answer to any question

Quora basically a question answers community where you’ll ask any question and getting their answers from the experts all over the globe. Quora provide you best and unique answers on all your questions. It is the best reference sources site.

#15 – Dictionary

Dictionary also a well managed and fully informational website for you. Students can getting their errors solutions easily here. You can find information, word origin, meanings, quizzes, facts, trends etc free of cost. Use it and explore your knowledge.

#16 – Hyper History

Hyper History is designed for world history information. Here you can find information about 5000+ years ago about many topics. It is best reference site for researchers and history teachers and students.

#17 – Smithsonian Encyclopedia

The world oldest and popular museum which is founded in 1846. They provide the free encyclopedia category in their site where you find different sections / categories according to your taste and interest.

#18 – Socialpedia

Socialpedia is a biggest alternative to Wikipedia for the social media issues. You can find almost every kind of information about social related problems. Socialpedia is the biggest and most valuable asset.




“There is no alternative to Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia”

But these sites are only collected for different sources and references site to provide you best information all over the globe. Explore all these sites and getting more knowledge and references from these websites. Further more Wikipedia Alternatives are discussed on an article published on about.com site, check other 47 Wikipedia Alternatives .