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15 Useful Tips To Reduce Your Blog Page Load Time

If you’ve a blog or website and it’s loading time is very high, then it is a big concern with the ranking of you site. Google and all other search engines loves the fast loading sites. So you can do something great to improving your website speed. Here in this article, I’m share some 15 killer tips with you to reduce your website and blog load time easily .
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Page Load Time can be directly impact on your blog ranking and it is the great factor in the eyes of Google, so it is very important for us ,to work for it and make our blog and website more faster and reduce their loading time.

As the great man “MattCutts” share on their blog, about the Google Incorporating sites speed in the search ranking. If you’re a blog or webmaster, then consider it. Many webmasters and bloggers fails to get traffic and high ranking in search engines, due to the blog load time. If you want to run your blog for long time, then consider all these tips and tricks , and reduce your blog load time and make your blog speed more fast for better ranking.

How To Do “Website Speed Test” ?

Many people not know that how they check their website speed, don’t there are thousands of free online tools are available today which you can easily use and utilize to check speed of your website or blog.

#1 – Google Page Speed Test Tool

These are the 3 most amazing and powerful website speed test tools, you can use 3 of them and get the result of your site speed. If your site speed < 80 score, then do some work seriously on your blog and make it more faster and responsive.

15 Killer Tips To Reduce Blog Load Time

#1 – Total Number of Posts on Home Page

As you can see that, there are many wonderful and amazing looking Blogger and WordPress templates are available which looking amazing but their loading time is very high. Because browser load your site and it’s all widgets . As much you use total number of posts display on your homepage as much load time will takes to load you full page. It is recommended that, only use 6 to 10 posts on homepage for better loading speed and user experience.

#2 – Choose Best Hosting Provider Company

If you’ve a blog on blogger platform then it’s ok, but if you use self hosted WordPress blogging platforms for your blog or website or any other platform, then you must choose some hosting provider company. There are many company available in the market , but the most trusted on is “Bluehost” which we also use our many other blogs.

Bluehost is a very responsive and full user experienced and full customer supports facility provides you the full experience. But you can choose any other, which you want. The important thing is that, always check their optimize time and their available tools which make you more reliable with your sites. So always choose best hosting provider.

#3 – Don’t Use Too Many Plugins

If you use WordPress platform, then there are thousands of WordPress Plugins are available which make you more easier to manage your site. But use too many plugins will make your load time increase and your ranking will be decrease.

So always use some useful and important WordPress plugins and not use too many plugins. Check my previous post, of Best WordPress Plugins that saves your time to manage your site easily.

#4 – Optimizing Your Images

Images play an important role in the search ranking, because people like images more as compared to text. But the major draw back of images is that, it increase the page load time of your blog. So you can fully optimize your images using some Plugins or also manually. Simply save your images with the keyword in which post you use them. The recommended image extension is PNG or JPEG , if your image contains more colors then choose JPEG extension or if your images contains only single color or transparent background then choose PNG. Also choose ALT tag in the image.

#5 – Design of Your Blog / Website

Blog design or layout is the very important decision of any webmasters, because it become a brand in future, and also remember that “First impression is the last impression”. Means when new user comes to your site, if your site layout is easy, simple , responsive and user friendly, then user like it and visit your site, and hopefully they will comeback again in future. 

But if your site layout is very improper and not good, then visitor leaves your site and never comes back again into your site. So always choose a responsive, SEO Friendly, and user friendly, clean simply design for your blog or website.

#6 – Don’t Use Image as Background

Image took more attention of the visitors, but it increases the loading speed of your site. If you use any image as a background of your blog or website, or even on single post, then remove it as soon as possible. Because image repeates itself both veritcally and horizontally and get 50% slow load time.

#7 – Use Cache for Better Serving

It is always recommended that especially today, always use cache, because browsers will keep all your downloaded version of your visited pages. So when the same person revisiting your site in future, the browser will serve the same saved page insted of loading new version. So it can reduce loading time and make your faster. If you use WordPress, then there are hundreds of plugins available for cache serving.

#8 – Use Widgets With Hide/Show Feature

There are many widgets and plugins which you want to use , but you also use many other plugins and widgets, so if you use too many widget , you loading speed increase. But there are many widgets which are not necessary to show to your visitors on each and every page. So always use hide/show feature to reduce widget loading time and make your blog speed faster.

#9 – Give Proper Dimensions To Images

When you publish your new post and all images select which you use on this post. Then simply resize all the images with single dimension. You can use Cropp.Me to resize your all images online or if you use Photoshop, then use it and resizing your image before to use it inside your posts.

#10 – Use a CDN ( Content Delivery Network )

As you can listen the name of CDN “Content Delivery Network”. CDN is network of many web servers that are converted all across the web and help you to delivering content with faster speed and effectively. CDN is better than use a single web server that delivers your contents to all across the world.

#11 – Compressing your HTML

Compression of HTML will reduce the size of all your html web pages. HTML compression will remove all the unnecessary codes and trim cutting spaces easily and make your site more faster. All major search engine including Google, loves the simple and clean html web pages. So it might be very helpful for you to improve the site loading speed.

#12 – Don’t Use Too Many JavaScripts / Flashes

JavaScripts and Flashes are old fashioned technique that make your site more attractive for your visitors. Now a days, they are not use well. But many things where JavaScripts are important to use. But always remember that, don’t use too many JavaScripts and flashes inside your site or blog. It will getting the more loading time. So avoid to use them and remove all unwanted and unnecessary scripts from your blog.

#13 – Social Sharing Buttons / Widgets

As you can see many beautiful and amazing social media sharing buttons and many widgets inside blog, which allows you to share their contents on all social bookmarking sites. But you don’t know that, the more buttons you use, it will increases the page loading time. Social sharing buttons contains JavaScripts codes and third part servers that takes a lot of time to load completely,. So reducing the use of social sharing icons on your blog.

#14 – Don’t Linkin Blog Directories

As it is said that, linking more blog directories will gives you more traffic and make your blog ranking increase like a flyrocket. But that perception is wrong. When you linking any blog directories with your blog , search engine will not trust on your site due to the more linking , because it is very difficuly for them to browse your contents on all these blog directories. So don’t use too many blog directories for linking your blog.

#15 – Don’t Use Too Many Advertisements

Advertisements is the main source of income of all blog and website owners, especially from Google AdSense which is the best and more paying Advertisement Network in the world . But there are also many other Google AdSense Alternatives which you can use and make money online. But don’t use too many advertisements , because these ads contains third part sites, and take more time to load your page, that’s why always choose best network for monetizing your blog contents smartly.

Final Words For You ! ! ! 

So this is the complete list of 15 Useful Tips For Reduce Page Load Time easily and effectively. If any one have a question into your minds, then feel free to comment below. These all factors are very important that could help you to reduce blog loading time. I’ll also use all these techniques to improving my all blogs. 

Thanks for reading, please share this article if you enjoyed it ! ! !