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16 Helpful Tips To Choose Best Web Hosting Services 2016


Web Hosting is the main component if you want to start your any online venture. When you decide to launch your new website or blog, first of all you’ll need a web hosting provider where your website is hosted and online for your readers all around the world.In my previous article, I’m share 16 Best Web Hosting Provider Sites For Your Online Business. In this article, I’m share 16 helpful tips which you’ll read before choosing any web hosting company. 

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The basic criteria for choosing any web host is the same for any web hosting company. There are hundreds of top class hosting provider companies are available which provides best dedicated web hosting to their users.

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A good web hosting company is very important and essential to make functional and well running website or any online venture. Your website and blogs are the valuable and convenient avenue to communicate with your customers. That’s why it is very vital and important for you to select a reliable and dedicated web hosting provider, which have high reputation and quality services.

16 Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing Best Web Hosting Services


#1 – Determining Your Website Needs

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First of all go to Google, and enter the phrase “Website Ideas” and hit enter button. Now there are many websites you found , select any of them and read about the website ideas. You can determine your needs of what kind of website you want to create and how much space and storage you required and all other factors.If you’ve already website, then determine which are the needs which you want to fulfill with this hosting company. Also check and ask some questions to yourself :

Q1 – Is it your personal website or blog?

Q2 – Is it your company site?

Q3 – Is it an online store?

If you’ve answer about these questions, then you can easily determine your site needs.

#2 – Think About Your Growth

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The main thing of any website is that of how much this website receive traffic and which kind of your website have? Is your business expanding / increasing day by day? or your customers are gain increase in number every single day? then decide what are the needs and which things are necessary to fulfill these needs.

#3 – Understanding About Different Types of Webhosting

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Basically there are three kinds of web hosting plans are available which is every hosting company provide to their customers. Three basic hosting plans are Shared Servers, Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers.

#4 – Web Hosting Plans

There are many types of web hosting plans are provides every hosting provider companies. There are included, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting, etc. Choose one of them according to your needs and then execute your business.

#5 – Cost / Price

The most first factor about any web hosting company is the price plans. When you visit any web hosting provider site, first of all you check out it’s price differences plans which is might be helpful for starter to professional webmasters. You can also visit about these company reviews, where users share their experience with this company while this company is useful or not. Also compare price plans with other companies and jumping on the cheapest price plans site that offer low cost hosting. But price was not enough, you can also check out their other factors.

#6 – Check Reliability of Web Hosting Company

You should be considered about the reliability and technical performance of any web hosting company. The Up-time and Downtime of all hosting providers effected your success about your site. Uptime means that how much time will be available for your visitors to access your website with full accessibility. Downtime is the time, when servers are fail to load your site. Web Hosting Provider companies are mentioned their uptime which is generally 99.99%. So always check it’s uptime before choosing web host.

#7 – Customer Reviews

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If you want to knowing about any web hosting company, then check out the customer reviews which is the best and excellent resource of evaluating any web hosts. Search out different reviews sites about that particular hosting company and checked the users response about that particular company and then decide it is useful for your business or not.

#8 – Multiple Addon Domains

Domain name now a days are cheap – so every one want to registered multiple domains. But the problem is that, you don’t want to hosts your multiple domain on different hosting accounts. So find those web hosts who provide this facility to addon multiple domain within your single account. So in this way you’ll not worry about managing your multiple hosting accounts.

#9 – Check Refund Policies

When you choose any web hosting and use it’s services, but you cannot satisfied about their services. Then you want to don’t use this company further more and want to refund your funds from them. Almost all best web hosting companies provide this facility to their users to refund their funds if you’re not satisfied to their services. Almost all companies provide 30-day money back guarantee if you not satisfied. So before selecting web hosting provider, check their money-back or refund policies.

#10 – Check Their Hardware’s

This is also the very important factor before choosing web hosting company. Before selecting, you must know about that, of What kind of machines/Hardware does this company use? Check their hardware’s, but if they not mention on their site, then simple ask from their team of what kind of servers they use, because hardware can also affect the performance of both of your website and your success.

#11 – e-Commerce Features

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e-Commerce features are not important but you can also check out these features too. But if you’re running an e-commerce website or you’re using any shopping cart software? or you want to any business transaction then these e-commerce features are very important, but also necessary for your business site. So always check their e-commerce features and then decide this is enough to fulfill your needs or not.

#12 – Check Bandwidth and Disk Space

Bandwidth and Disk space is the part of hosting plans which you choose. But you also check out these things. If your site is about downloading / uploading related, then always choose unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Before choosing any web hosting plans, always check about the bandwidth and disk space of that plans and consider it might be enough to fulfill your website business needs or not.

#13 – Website Builder

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Generally, all hosting companies provides the facility of website builder tools where you can easily create dynamic websites or create a blog according to your needs. In this tools, drag and drop options used for making your website without knowing any coding skills. So if you’re not a web developer, and you want to create your site easily then select those hosting company who provide this facility to build your website through their website builder tools.

#14 – Technical Support

Technical Support is very compulsory for your site, because whenever any issue found into your site you must want to contact your technical team, who solve this issue or provide suggestions to you. Generally, all best web hosting companies provide 24 / 7, means 24 hours and 7 days a week technical support to their customers all around the year. You can also contact to their technical support team, and if you satisfied to their technical team, then choose that hosting.

#15 – Email Features

Email is the basic and important part of any website which provide your readers, visitors, or customers to contact you via email services. You always want to getting a branded email which is look like ( admin@yourdomain.com ) or same like that. Check email features about that company which is want to choose for your hosting needs. There are many features are important which you consider before choosing them like Email support, Auto-responders, POP3, Email Forwarding, Email Hosting etc.

#16 – User Friendly Control Panel

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The most important factor you consider before choosing best web hosting provider is the “Control Panel”. Control Panel is the main user interface where you manage all your hosting related functions. When you choose any hosting company, they will provide you, your own control panel where you managed your site hosting needs. Select those hosting company who provide clean, simple, easy to use and user friendly control panel, so you can easily managed your website.

Over To You ! ! !

Now these are the 16 important factors consider before choosing best web hosting sites. All these points are important to consider and then choose web hosts. There are dozens of other factors and tips also exists but these are the most important and more compulsory before choosing any web hosting company and hosting plans. Hope you’ll getting many helpful tips in this article. If you’ve any other helpful factor then share with us in the comment box below ! ! !