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5 Best SEO Link Building Strategies For 2019

link building 5 Best SEO Link Building Strategies For 2019

Ever since the inception of digital marketing, link building has been playing a key role in earning search engine rankings for websites. The more quality backlink you have, the better are your chances of ranking high. Though this fact holds true, link building has evolved with the ever-changing Google algorithms. What worked a few years ago cannot be expected to yield results today. The key lies in keeping your strategy aligned with the most recent algorithmic updates and trends. If you want to achieve success with your link building strategy in 2019, here are a few tips that you should follow.

SEO Link Building keyword 5 Best SEO Link Building Strategies For 2019

Choose evergreen topics/keyword

If you want to make it big with your backlinking plans this year, focus on evergreen topics and keywords. Evergreen, in this context, refers to topics or keywords that will always be popular from the search perspective. For example, if you are running a fitness-based business website, you can choose to cover a topic on “weight loss” because this will always be in trend and searches. Such topics or keywords literally hook people on to your site and even the authoritative ones will be happy to be associated with you.

content 5 Best SEO Link Building Strategies For 2019

Make your content evergreen as well

Choosing an evergreen topic or keyword is important but coming up with exceptional content around them is vital. Link building strategists at OutreachMonks lay emphasis on creating evergreen content that serves valuable and relevant information to the users. Such content gets you quality backlink and is prioritized by Google as well. This serves as a dual advantage and improves your chances of making it to the top.

backlink building 5 Best SEO Link Building Strategies For 2019

Secure a place in link roundup

Another great strategy to get results with your backlink building plan in 2019 is to secure a place in link roundups. Essentially, these are the daily, weekly or monthly posts that cover to the best content published in a specific niche. All you need to do is to find such opportunities in your niche and connect with them requesting to consider your content for their roundup. Remember, both your content and pitch should be impressive enough to convince them.

Leverage guest posting

One of the strategies that have been around for some time and continue to be relevant is guest posting. Create great content pieces and have them published as guest blogs on niche-relevant, high authority guest posting websites. Not only will you get quality backlinks for strengthening your backlink profile, but also will avail a greater exposure to a targeted audience through people who access the guest posting site.

Focus on local link building as well

Even though linking with high DA sites is good for your backlink profile, you need to focus on local link building too. Since local SEO will always matter for businesses, this is a strategy you cannot ignore. Even linking with the low authority sites that have local relevance improves your chances of ranking high in local searches, which is the reason that you should add such links to your backlink profile. Embracing these strategies for link building can certainly make a great difference in getting good results for your efforts. It is a good idea to have a professional team to ensure that you are doing everything right with your backlink building plans.


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