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What is Programmatic Advertising

What is Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is becoming popular around the world. Increasing of brand awareness and popularity are one of the biggest advantages one can get from it. Of course, it may not work if the population of the country is poorly connected, like the Philippines where the revenue generation doesn’t exceed even a third party.

Programmatic advertising is relatively new, but very prominent technology and Polus Media is now going to tell about it so that you will be asking why you haven’t implemented it yet. Let’s go!

Programmatic advertising platforms were designed to automate the process of buying ads which is not the only benefit.

Traditional ad platforms offer you to buy a place on the websites, where your users are likely to be. It is not so good as may seem from the first sight. When we are interested in trees planting, we exactly google the information at related websites only and not something about Botanics or gardening. This way traditional advertising can be compared.

Another problem is that popular websites do not promise you to post the ads of your or relevant to them areas. Sometimes money means more. It is an often case when a decent ad about house furniture neighbours with dental services, baby-sitters agency and erotic offers. Your vice in such a cacophony is unlikely to be heard, it is like offering your services in the crowd that has come to a meeting.

While programmatic helps you to focus on the visitors you need: so you will choose a specific demographics, no matter on which website your potential client was “caught”. It means, that your ads are posted on different types of platforms and the user will get personalized ad content.

Thus, you have less irritation to your side. Recent researches have shown that users can be positive about advertising, but the only case for them to be relevant and useful. Information is good, when it is the right information – it is costless.

Similar, but very different What is Programmatic Advertising

Advice: when you think the structure and appearance of you ad – focus on how it can help you client to resolve his problems. The product itself is not so tempting option.

Similar, but very different

Programmatic approach has adopted a lot from its ancestor. In particular, both of the techniques face the same problem when an Advertiser of repairing equipment can find his ad with something of low quality, like dental care or erotic offers.

There are also those, who prefer buying inventory from one Publisher. In this case, we deal with direct programmatic advertising. Such offers are more actual for very sensitive or regulated categories, for example, baby food.

What you should definitely know is that programmatic has a lot of in common with auctions and the more popular area you represent, the higher the prices for the advertising will be. The same situation can be with exotic or rare areas. While some not very popular ads can rely on moderate pricing.

Personalized Content What is Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising platforms change ad world

Ad campaigns can now be tuned in real time according to visitors behaviour. Thus, personalized content can even intensify your calls to action on various platforms.

Wise use of the data you get can be also used for remarketing your audience as you can easily track the users who watched your video ads or added your products to the e-carts.No future campaign can be organized without analyzing a current one and programmatic helps here really a lot to see what was perfect and which techniques have, unfortunately, failed. It is really important as personalization in advertising is now the point of the utmost importance. And programmatic is a key to the world where ads are valuable for the visitors.


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