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7 Posture Ideas for Wedding Photography

7 Posture Ideas for Wedding Photography

Weddings are one of the sacred ceremonies you want to treasure forever. What better way of keeping these memories but to take pictures? Couples look forward to the ideas on how wedding photographers can make it look magical.

To satisfy the demands of your clients, it’s advisable to have a set of poses for them to choose from. Even professional photographers struggle in thinking of ways on how to spice up their clients’ wedding photos. End your worries by trying these seven posture ideas that can transform an ordinary photograph into a romantic masterpiece!

Natural Interaction 7 Posture Ideas for Wedding Photography

Natural Interaction

When people are placed in front of a camera, many of them tend to be shy and timid. This makes the outcome of the image less appealing than it should be. Take photos of the couple proving their love and connection. As long as they are at ease, it will be easier for you to make the images look natural. You can capture moments when they’re just simply holding hands or walking while talking. These are the scenes that will expose how good they are together.

One With Nature 7 Posture Ideas for Wedding Photography

One With Nature

A lot of photographers step out of their comfort zone and prefer nature sceneries. Being one with nature is such a calming photograph to look at. Try different scenarios for a change to make your wedding photographs unique. Take photographs highlighting both the couple and the scene. To create an effect, you can splash some water or frame them with leaves.

Play with how the environment highlights the beauty of the couple. You can ask them to hug or talk to each other to make it look natural.  All it takes is a little creativity to create the best wedding photographs for your clients.

The Beach Side 7 Posture Ideas for Wedding Photography

The Beach Side

One of the greatest scenes for your wedding photographs is the beach. Capture a natural and relaxed gazed while the couple is walking or playing with the sea. Maintain close distance between the two to build sparks in between. Use the sea as an accessory to highlight the love of the couple.

Apart from just standing or walking by the beach, you can take photos while they’re lying on their back. Let the waves crash. Make sure your clients are comfortable with your posture ideas. Knowing their level of comfort will help you come up with better concepts on how to take their wedding photos.

Let There Be Light 7 Posture Ideas for Wedding Photography

Let There Be Light

The focus of your wedding photographs is the couple. What better way of highlighting them than using light effects for a dramatic wide-angle? You can place a flexible light panel before them to create versatile light effects.

There are different ways on how you can play with light. To make the photograph look like there are movements, you can ask them to dance. The bride can turn around to enhance her wedding dress. Depending on what you want to highlight, you can just ask them to move naturally to come up with different images.

To come up with an emotion-filled photo, allow your background to envelope the scene you’re trying to make. Use the light to feature the best self of the groom and bride. There is more to light than just adding brightness!

Love at First Sight

The Love at First Sight posture idea shouldn’t be difficult to portray. This can be the most natural shot you can get. Ask the groom to look at the bride the moment he knew he’s in love. Allow him to reminisce the days when they barely know each other. The couple can also portray the other way around.

Telling them to look back at the moments they had together will put a natural joyous smile on their faces.  This is the easiest way to capture how they are when it’s just the two of them in the room. You can never go wrong with this posture. Enjoy the love building in between as they make the scene feel like everything is their first!

The Mesmerizing Sunset Shot

Chase the dusk with The Mesmerizing Sunset Shot. There are a variety of poses you can do to utilize the sunset. You can do simple hand gestures or movements to create a dramatic scene. To add romance to the scene, you can ask them to kiss or to hold hands. Create a connection between the sun, bride, and groom. Let them think about getting lost in the moment and disregard the presence of the photographer.

The Deep Kiss

You may kiss the bride! The long wait has ended. Kiss the woman of your life and fill it with love and affection. This is the main ingredient in coming up with a magical wedding photograph. You are kissing the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Look deeply into each other’s eyes, pause for a while, and then kiss. This increases the intimate mood in the room and alleviates the timid aura.


If you’re finding inspiration to your next wedding photo shoot, these posture ideas will surely come in handy. Take note of them and let the couple try different positions. By following these tips, you’re well on your way to taking the most romantic wedding photos!


  1. Hello, I think wedding photos must be natural first and foremost. And especially do not forget to ask with a beautiful light. Thank you for this very interesting article.

  2. It’s a really good list of postures you can choose from, to have the most amazing photographs on your wedding day and remember it as one of the best days in your life.

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