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Why mobile POS systems are more used at restaurants

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Do you own a restaurant business? If yes, you definitely need a good and reliable POS (point-of-sale) system. Today’s POS software is capable in improving customer retention, drive more sales and of course protect customer data. Well, so far so good, but what if your restaurant is an on-the-go one and also you are not willing or prepared to pay for expensive POS hardware and software. Will you be eliminated from the POS technology world? No, there’s a way and it is called mobile POS system.

With the help of mobile POS systems from Toppossystem.com your restaurant can boost up sales as well as retain customers too. Only a mobile phone or a tablet device is required as a hardware to it. So the upfront cost is lowered and you still enjoy great software on it.

BevSpot CEP Rory Crawford once said, “The best mobile restaurant POS systems can operate seamlessly on relatively cheap hardware and deliver an easy-to-use interface that drastically increases the value to the operator.”

BevSpot is a Boston-based restaurant software management company.

Let us take note some of the advantages of mobile POS systems:

Setup cost is very low

The first and foremost benefit of using mobile POS systems is its lower set up cost. The implementation part is easy too. You don’t need to install brand-new hardware. Only an app downloaded on your mobile or tablet device is enough. In few cases the POS provider helps in setting set up software on the devices.

Most of the businesses run on tight margins these days and so mobile POS systems are good at reducing overhead expenses besides offering the advanced POS solution. Down the line it gives more flexibility.

Hostme CMO Mary Fabro earlier said, “Mobile POS systems are compatible with all devices, so restaurant owners don’t need to worry about investing in additional proprietary hardware or equipment in order to integrate a POS system into their existing operations… That means owners don’t need to lock themselves into any additional vendor contracts.”

Easy to use

The one thing that attracts mobile POS systems these days is its easy to use feature. This means the staff does not need much training and they are able to process transactions faster. This also means the efficiency of staff increases.

These days many of the mobile POS systems feature paperless options too so receipts can be emailed or sent through text message to customers. Fewer steps in the checkout process means the staff can focus more on taking orders and customers benefits in getting the food served faster.

In the advanced mobile POS systems customers are able to pay directly from the table using a business’s device. Such solutions help with efficiency.

TableSafe vice president of business development and marketing Erik Ploof said, “Restaurants also gain greater waitstaff efficiency, affording them the time to provide more in-person service instead of ushering checks.”

Transparent operations

The mobile POS systems help in providing businesses with accurate and better reporting. It offers more transparent record of operations and this is something of most necessary part for a small business house. It is more important to have clear picture of the POS system and with report prioritizing solution you can better understand how the staff is leveraging the technology, what is the percentage of retained customers and how the customers are being rewarded.

In this regard Fabro added, “Mobile POS systems give restaurant owners or managers the ability to closely monitor their establishment’s operations, even when he or she is not onsite at the restaurant.”


It is easy to keep mobile POS systems updated and upgraded. It is possible as the latest technology is involved and up to date integration is a matter of just few clicks and couple of minutes. Creating various data trail is easy to integrate with the operations like order management and accounting software.

Crawford said, “These mobile POS systems are also much easier for other critical mobile restaurant systems, including staffing management, online ordering and delivery, and cost management to integrate with than traditional systems, which provides the user with greater overall value.”

Customer service

Don’t forget that customer service should be the best in any business and hence the first priority of a mobile POS system is the same. Customer profiles can easily be linked with it to set up reward programs for those who are giving repeated orders. Valuable customer information can be store in order to treat them like family when they visit the outlet. More to all these, with the latest version of mobile POS software the payment information of customers are secure.

Ploof added, “Restaurant operators can gain greater efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction, both of which contribute to a stronger bottom line… It’s really about giving consumers peace of mind.”


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  2. Customer satisfaction is a very important part of a successful restaurant, using this systems will definitely enhance the customer satisfaction level along with betterment to the internal management of the restaurant.

  3. Very useful for day to day customer satisfaction in a restaurant business.
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