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How We Add HTTPS Supports To Our Blogger Blogs

Blogger or Blogspot is a very popular blogging platform in the world, where almost millions of blogs are live at a time. In case of security of your site, there are many things are related with the security of your blogs. In blogger blogs, many basic security features are also added automatically.
How We Add HTTPS Supports To Our Blogger Blogs

Security has always been an important issue for all blogger users who’s blogs are hosted on blogger platforms and their domains are blogger custom domains, and they can never add any additional security layer like HTTPS on their blogspot blogs, that are basically free of cost, for bloggers users but they not know how they implement to their blogs.

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Now i will tell you how you can implement this feature to your blogs and becomes your blogs more save from threats. You can easily encrypt your blogs and ensure that the complete security of your blogs. In this article i will tell you how you can add this https security feature to your blogger blogs.
Benefits of Adding HTTPS Feature To your Blogger Blogs.

As such that, you all know about the HTTPS, that are basically an extra layer of security that will encrypted your blogs and provide an extra security. Almost all hosting companies also provide this feature, but they can charge an extra charge of this services. When you add this feature your blog address will be like this : ” https://www.techora.net/” .

Bloggers company provide this security feature for free of cost, but this feature is only available for your blogger custom domains. Means if you use blogger platform, but use your own buy custom domain from other registrar, and then attach it with blogger blog, then this feature can automatically disable, because it can not be used with other custom domains.

You can enjoy this feature for your blogs free of cost only for blogger custom domains means like this ” https://yourblog.blogspot.com”.

How Add HTTPS Security Feature To Your Blogspot Blogs:

Now here i will tell you that to how you can add this extra security layer or feature to your blogger blogs, follow below steps to add this support.

Note: You will not use this service with your own custom domains”.

Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard, and click on your blog.

Step 2: Now click on Setting from the sidebar and go to the Basic (By Default Basic Select)

Step 3: Scroll down your page, and look at HTTPS Setting, and click on it , and select the YES.

How We Add HTTPS Supports To Our Blogger Blogs

Remember: If you use custom domain ,this service will be automatically OFF.

Step 4: Now the changes will be automatically saved.

Congratulations, your blogs is now encrypted with this service for doing business blogs well.

Done it ! ! !
I hope this tutorial, will help you more which made you to learn , how to add HTTPS security feature to your own blogger blogs from free of cost. If you have any question related to this article, then feel free to comment below this post, i shall reply you as soon as possible.

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