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How To Get Free Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Account (Free $25 Bonus)

Payoneer Master Card / Debit Card is the service of a well known bank called “The Bank of America”. If you work online any where on the internet and want to get your money into your bank then you can do it . But not every one has a bank account and also it is a very tough procedure. But this service provide you a free Payoneer Master Debit Card into your own home , so you can easily withdraw your money online easily from your account via ATM Machine into your local currency. 
 Apply Payoneer Prepaid Master Debit Card and Earn 25$

This company has been established back in 2005, and today it the biggest online payment provider International Company . It’s headquarter in New York City. It supported for more than 210 countries all across the Globe. First when it is established it not yet so popular but after the time, in recent some years it got exposure from the users , because it can provide there users a valuable services as well as many other features which is not provide any other company online anywhere in the world. That’s why is becomes so popular and awesome online company for withdrawing your online payments from any where in the world.

When you can apply for this Payoneer Debit Master Card, you can get this into your own home for free of cost. When it comes to your hand, you can easily withdraw your payments from your online sources into your local ATM Machines anywhere in the world. Payoneer company also work in those countries as well where Paypal another famous company don’t work like in Pakistan. But with this card you can also easily withdraw your money from this card from any where in Pakistan using ATM Machines. You can easily receive your payments for more than 800+ well-known US Based Companies + Europian Countries via Payoneer Card.

Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Fees and Pricing

How To Create Payoneer Master Card Account

Benefits of Using Payoneer Prepaid Master Card

There are many benefits of this card, i’m discussed some awesome features of this card below :

This is the free service, you can get Free Master Card and also Earn 25$ Dollars.

  • This is the free service, you can get Free Master Card and also Earn 25$ Dollars.
  • It is the most reliable way to receive your funds from your clients all around the world.
  • If you want your money urgently, then simply loaded your card and within two hour’s get your money into own hand.
  • You can withdraw money from ATM Machines in more than 210 Countries all around the globe.
  • You don’t provide any statement for obtaining this card.
  • Shops online , buy domain and hosting and much more.

How To Create Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Account (Full Guide)

There are two ways to create your free Payoneer Account anywhere in the world. If you  create your Payoneer Master Card Account from my Link ( Click Below Banner ) and create your account then you can get Free Payoneer Master Card and also get Free 25$ Dollars in it. It is the benefit if you create your account via my link. You can get free 25$ Dollars  as a bonus into your card when you activate your account  and receive at least 100$ Dollars into your account from any where. You can also create your account by simple go to the Official Payoneer Prepaid Master Card website and create your free account , but in this way you cannot get bonus of 25$ Dollars  , So click below image and sign up.
 Click To Sign Up Payoneer Master Card and Earn 25$ Dollars
All information provided at the time of Sign up is valid and real. Don’t provide any un-legal information, You name, Date of Birth, Country, City, Address, Mobile Number all provide original, if any information is not correct , your account is not create. So provide your original and correct information .
Step 1 – Click it “Payoneer Prepaid Master Card” and go to the Official site. and click on “Sign Up” button. 
How To Create Payoneer Master Card Account
Step 2 –  Write your First Name, Last Name, valid Email Address, and valid Date of Birth which is Printed into your CNIC Card, and Enter Next.
How To Create Payoneer Master Card Account
Step 3 – Now add your “Country”, you valid Street Address, City Name and Postal Code, and valid Mobile Number. and Enter Next.
How To Create Payoneer Master Card Account
Step 4 – Here provide valid Email Address , and Enter Your Desired Password ( Password Must be in Upper-Case + Lower-Case + Numeric Digit ) and type any security question , and remember all these information, because if any time your account in suspicious activity, then they asked these information from you, so remember it.
How To Create Payoneer Master Card Account
Step 5 – Now provide your any Legal Document, like Your Passport, Your CNIC etc. Type “Name” written into your National Id, Type Nation Id number and select Country and enter Next.
How To Create Payoneer Master Card Account
Step 6 –  Now Check All these fields, and click on “Finish”. 
How To Create Payoneer Master Card Account
After this you will get the automatic response confirmation email from Payoneer directly into your email address.
How To Create Payoneer Master Card Account

How To Activate your Payoneer Card

After ordering the Payoneer account, you will receive it almost in 15 to 40 days to your
provided address via a regular local mail service. After receiving your Debit Master Card, go to
Payoneer website and Log In to your account, here a massage display of Activate your Payoneer Card . Click on it and and enter required information like Card Number, CVV Number which is provided at the back side ( 3-Digit Number ) and enter your desired PIN Number, which is used for withdrawing your funds from your card. After it click on Activate Button, and then :

How To Create Payoneer Master Card Account
Remember That : Card can be shipped or deliver on the base of location. In many countries people can get it in a 4 to 10 days but in some countries it can receive almost 40 to 60 days. 
So this is the pure and full guide, to Create you Free Payoneer Master Card Account and Get 25$ Dollars as a Bonus. Don’t wait, simply click on the link, and Sign Up . If you like this guide, then please share it with your friends, and other social networking websites.

How Create Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Account in Urdu Video Tutorial