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AirJamz Review: Bluetooth-Enabled Instruments Toy

AirJamz Review techora

Here we are today with a super detailed AirJamz Review.

The innovation in the field of technology have been at its pinnacle over the last few years, and we have seen a lot of cool gadgets being developed and announced in recent times. At Techora, we have reviewed a lot of such cool gadgets and innovative tech products in the past, like the PRUFEN Smart USB CablePup Connect Pocket Scanner etc.

Today we are here with the review of one such new and cool tech gadget called “AirJamz”. And in today’s AirJamz review, we will take you through an overview of the product, how it works and how you can buy an AirJamz for yourself right now!

AirJamz Review – Super-Fun Bluetooth App-Enabled Instrument

AirJamz Review techora

AirJamz is a Bluetooth-powered app-enabled gadget that would require you to download and install the AirJamz application on supported Android and iOS powered devices before you can actually start enjoying the AirJamz toy.

AirJamz Review techora

You can enjoy the thrill of playing music using the AirJamz instrument by connecting the AirJamz toy to your device via Bluetooth and then launching the AirJamz application on your respective Android or iOS device. There are over 25 songs and over 100 instrument and other sounds that you can simulate using the AirJamz toy by using the application. All major and famous instruments like keyboard, chord, guitar and drum beat, all of them can be simulated and enjoyed using the AirJamz toy and application.

AirJamz Review techora

To maximize the fun of playing using the AirJamz toy, you can connect up to 4 different AirJamz toys at once and enjoy the seamless multiplayer experience with the help of the application.

AirJamz Review techora

Getting started with the AirJamz toy is easy as well. All you need is the AirJamz Toy and its supported application on your device. Later, you have to pair the AirJamz toy with your device via Bluetooth and then launch the application. Once you select the music or instrument that you wish to simulate, you will have to keep moving in order to start playing with the AirJamz toy.

The AirJamz toy is not only targeted at children but adults alike as playing with the AirJamz toy mostly by making use of its multiplayer features makes it the best party entertainment toy, to get the fun element high of all your awesome parties.

Buy AirJamz Toy:

The AirJamz toy is available in two colors, Red and Black. If you are interested in buying the AirJamz toy for yourself, then you can purchase them for just $49.99 from the official AirJamz store.

AirJamz Review techora

Moreover, you can also get additional 10% off on the total amount by using the code “SAVE10” while on the checkout page.

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