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Top 5 Amazing Facts About Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial Intelligence also known as AI is a 5G technology which is developed more every new day. AI started in 1950, when the world famous programmer Alan Turing shows the Turing Test in his paper “Computer Machine and Intelligence” . It is used for communicating two different people from two different places. In one place, a robot or machine and other place a real person can communicate with each other. Generally, Turing theory is all about the generating and manufacturing machines which are same like Human’s, and works like too. That’s why, here I’m sharing a list of 5 Best and Amazing Facts about the AI or Artificial Intelligence. 

Top 5 Amazing Facts About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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5 Amazing Terrifying Facts About Artificial Intelligence


#1 – AI Robots Repair Itself

Artificial Intelligence Repair itself

As heading shows that, Artificial Intelligence can repair itself own. Basically it is a fundamental benefits about robotics is that, they can automatically repair itself and rebuild himself easily. If any damage takes place, they can rebuild itself. When any damages takes place, robots are not known what is disturbed or what is broken in their body, but they only notice that something wrong with their performance. Then they can use a algorithms like Trial and Error, robots can automatically configure itself and repair himself.

#2 – Romance With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence robots romance with humans

This is a very terrifying fact about AI, a romance with AI robots. As everyone know that “Artificial Intelligence robots are completely different from Human’s” and that’s was a true. Robots are not so intelligent as humans because humans can make robots not robots make humans. But the questions is that “Can human will be able to have a emotional or any other kind of relationship with AI robots?”

David Levy or professor of Netherlands’s University said that, first of all it is a lazy and geeky phrase, but the story behind it true. In Cosmo someone will have a rare and physical about how amazing sex with Robotics. In Western Countries, there are many cases to have sex between humans and robots. Many new inventions takes place in AI industry. David Levy believes that, in the 2050 age, human and robots can be able to marriages with each other and it will be legal activity in many countries. But that’s was only a someone opinion, not a theory based or any legal law.

#3 – Most of Artificial Intelligence Robots are “Female”

Artificial intelligence robots are females

As one biggest thing about AI is that , which is noticed by all of you who interested in Robotics and these like technologies, the most of them are “Female” robots. Like Google invent Google Now, Siri and Cortana, all are the female’s related robotics. This is the biggest question about that, “Why most AI are Female’s ? “.

In our research, there is no some specific reason about that and some factors plays a big role about it. As studies show that, females voice a far better than male voice. Another reason is that, who work in AI, are mostly find the females who are more attractive and suite their design. So there are many other reasons of why mostly AI are females.

#4 – Artificial Intelligence Smarter Than Real Humans

Artificial Intelligence smarter than humans

Generally , that phrase just like a single sentence, but it’s back end a huge story exist. As we mention above that, Humans make robots not robot make humans. So that’s why robots never be able to more smarter and intelligent than humans. But this point raise due to the human irregular attitude and laziness.

Humans always want someone who can work for them and they can sleep or stay free at home. They want machines to do work for him. So that’s why robots are makes more smarter . They can work more than 10 humans do it. Advancement in latest technologies, robots are more smarter than real humans. Many professionals and robotics enthusiasts think that, in near future, humans and robots will meld into each other and make one entity.

#5 – Artificial Intelligence Are Pets

Artificial intelligence are pets

As you see that, most of the AI robots are Pets. Basically, pets are not more smarter than humans beings, and their functionality are shorter than humans. When AI robots are manufactured and developed, it’s design will be same like any kind of pets, and they get work from it something like their design. The most popular researcher of Melbourne University Australia Dr.Jean Loup said that, there are already many robots are available in the form of patents and they could be more available in 2025 .In the next some 10 years, AI manufacturers will make and build a pets robots, that people will be able to have a emotional relationship with them.