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Top 5 Best Private Anonymous Search Engines To Hide Your Identity

Private browsing search engines provides you the full privacy while your surf online. When you surfing online with using your regular browser, you know all your searching history will be get copy by someone. Your all data will be saved by any other computer, and you not know where it exists. So you can use the incognito modes into your browsers or any other type of using private browsing, but it does not give you the full and perfect security and privacy which you always wants. So in this article, I’m sharing a list of best 5 private search engines for private searching online.

image about Top 5 Private Anonymous Search Engines
Top 5 Best Private Anonymous Search Engines

These are very powerful and important anonymous search engines for those who might not want to be tracked him by someone else. Anonymous Search Engines are those type of search engines that did not store your any type of information and history or anything while using Internet. These can not visible your online activity.

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There are many online services which provide this online searching facility, all of them were contains many unique features and methods of searching safe. Most of them were awesome and powerful . So using these search engines it will give you a safe way to searching online any things that matter for you . Here is the list of 5 Best Private Anonymous Search Engines for you. These are the top sites to provide you internet privacy protection. 

5 Alternative Search Engines That Protecting Your Privacy

#1 – Startpage

Startpage top private and anonymous search engine

Startpage is the No.1 in our list of private search engines. Startpage provides you the facility of searching any queries online without any hesitation. It works more powerfully to provide you all your searched data and protecting your history and online information and avoid to track you. Basically it works through proxy a server that will more help you to protect those websites which track your IP address or your location of surfing. Simply adding it into your regular browser like Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

#2 – DuckDuckGo

duckduckgo top private and anonymous search engine

DuckDuckGo is a very famous and popular anonymous search engines which has millions of searchers every single day. It is one of the most prominent and most secure search engines in the world, that never tracks your any kind of information’s or IP address, locations etc when you’re surfing online. DuckDuckGo provide you the the awesome and amazing enhanced searching experience while you working online. Basically , it is developed for those people especially who don’t want to share their private information with any other and remain all the time private. It is the most powerful and useful search engine.

#3 – Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search top private and anonymous search engine

Disconnet Search as it’s name clearly show you , it will fully disconnect you from the regular internet surfing, and provide you the full secure and prominent way to surf online with your privacy remain safe. It will used the content search assistance from all other big search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo etc. But don’t worry, it doesn’t track any kind of your information. Disconnect Search provide many features , which one of them is the Location Based Search. It will provide the related results from where you searched. You can use them for your online privacy.

#4 – WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alpha top private anonymous search engine

WolframAlpha what an amazing and private search engine, that will provide you the numberless features and searching experience. It is a computable private search engine that will provides you the correct results that you can search on the web. It does not tracking any thing what your search online. It contains dynamic algorithms which provide you the best surfing experience. You can get knowledge about any thing which you searched from the web. It contains huge amount of built-in data, and methods with different kinds of algorithms.

#5 – Lukol

Lukol top private and anonymous search engine

Lukol provide you the anonymous search which is collected the results from custom google search engines. Lukol basically used the proxy server to show the customize search results using it’s enhance custom search feature from biggest search engines Google. It will automatically removes all your tracking entities and makes your surfing private and secure. Lukol is one of the best and most powerful private search engines that keeps away from spammers by using it’s new and latest technologies. It will provide you the full anonymous searching for your queries and keep you more secure.

So these are the top and best anonymous private search engines that helps you to hide you identity and surfing without any hurdles. All these search engines sites are popular and trusted. If you like this then share with others on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.