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Android O First Beta Announced At The Google I/O 2017

Android O First Beta Announced At The Google I/O 2017

Google Announced the beta program for Android O at Google I/O 2017 Developers Conference and Android O First Beta will be available for download and users can enrol under the program by visiting the Android O Beta Program website and Google is still calling this Android O Developers Preview 2.

Before the announcement, Google highlighted the features of Android O and claims that it will focus on ‘vitals’ of future Android generations. Google says that Android O will optimise the battery usage along with improved system performance and it offer better battery life than any other Android updates till present.

The company announced that Assistant will be coming to the Apple iPhones with new updates and new services such as Google Lens and new updates on Allo, Google Photos & Gmail.

After sharing all these things, the company did not reveal the name of the forthcoming Android version. Android O First Beta release available for download today for certain users.

Key Features in Android O

  • Background limits
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Notification channels
  • Connectivity and Pro Audio
  • Multiprocess Mode
  • Easy keyboard navigation
  • Improved stability

The Android O beta program will be available for Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player and Pixel C tablet. Also to update your device to Android O beta version, it will hardly take up to 24 hours and you can check for the availability just by going to Settings > About > System Updates and check for latest updates.

If you wish to install the Android O Beta Manually on your Android device, then you can download the androido.img file from Android developer site and flash the ROM on your manually. Once you install you can verify that you installed the beta version of Android by navigating to Settings > About > Build Number. Make sure the build number starts with “OPP”, that means you are running a beta version of Android O. Also you can reboot your device to see the Android O pop-up message.

If you don’t like the Android O Beta version, you can revert back to the public version of Android. For that, you need to find the device you want to opt-out and click on “Unenroll device”. Then you will get an OTA update for the selected device, just install it and you are done!

Soon we will update you with a brief guide on How to Download and Install Google O Beta Version on your Smartphone also will Downgrade Android O First Beta version to normal public version.

Stay tuned for more updates on Android O Updates!