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Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote: Everything you need to know!

Apple WWDC 2017 keynote: Catch Up If You Missed Latest Apple Gadgets

You are going to find out everything that you need to know about the latest hardware from Apple WWDC 2017.

The Annual Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is begun in the city of San Jose, California, and it’s gonna run till Friday. Apple presented a brand new look at the new MacBook refresh, an all-new iPad Pro, an iMac, an iMac Pro, and HomePod smart speaker on this event.

iOS 11: What’s new at Apple WWDC 2017?

Apple WWDC 2017

Apple sparks us a new preview of upcoming iOS 11 at WWDC in San Jose, California. The new operating OS includes some artificial intelligence and a definite advantage for iPad Pro devices. Also, Apple’s own apps such as Siri, Apple Music, Photos and Mail are going to receive major updates alongside a deep learning technology to comprehend users preferences periodically for more accurate and precise Siri responses, text suggestions, contents and much more. We’re speculating that iOS 11 is going to release the next iPhone at the end of this year.

Merged: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Technology

Tech and artificial intelligence are unthinkable without each other nowadays. We didn’t hear anything about it from Apple as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Oh! Now, they introduced it on their latest products whether it’s Siri with integration, photo app and Live photo magic and HomePod smart speaker.

HomePod: Audio first, and then smartness

Apple is going to hit the market with Homepod to rival against Amazon Echo and Goole Home Speakers. It is  7-inches tall with seven tweeters and a 4-inch woofer to experience a 360-degree sound experience. It is powered by A8 chip as you have seen on iPhones. Furthermore, Homepod has Siri integration as well. You can access more than 40 million tracks from the Apple Music integration. It will cost around $349 (Rs. 22,500 approx).

MacBooks: Better and Faster

Apple upgraded MacBooks with faster storage (50% faster than the past generation), and it’s a good news for MacBook fans. There’s no significant change in the design, though. Also, it has got a new and more powerful processor in the latest version. There’s no official confirmation about the price from the company yet.

iMac: More power for Desktop

iMac desktop computers have got more power with the latest Intel Kaby Lake Processors. The display is brighter and it rated at 500 nits i.e. 53% more potent than before. Apple lets you configure your iMac with 64 GB RAM and you can increase it up to 2 TB.

iMac Pro: The benchmark is set

Apple presented a preview of iMac Pro i.e. going to be available later this year. It’s powered by Intel Xeon Processors with 18 cores along with advanced Pro Vega graphics till 128 GB RAM and 4 TB maximum space. It has four Thunderbolt ports for connection which allows two 5K displays with a pair of high-performance RAID arrays. The price starts from $4,999 (Rs. 3.22 lakh approx).

Apple Watch:  Same watch but new straps

Apple Watch received an update previous year and we didn’t see any changes afterwards till now. Apple added new vibrant straps range at Apple WWDC 2017 event in San Jose, California.

WatchOS 4: Fitter than ever before

WatchOS 4 got Siri integration and we have seen a new Siri watch face along with some excellent feature such as traffic updates, meetings lined up, activity, breathe and news updates. The workout app has a new interface now. Also, the heart rate sensor will be updated for high-intensity workouts.

macOS High Sierra: Enhances your MacBook’s performance

There were two other announcements from Apple. It’s the next OS for MacBook users. Apple made a major change to the file system to provide better performance, reduce data loss and advanced security in the new macOS High Sierra.

iPad Pro: The future of the MacBook?

Apple introduced a  10.5-inch iPad to the line-up. It consists 9.7-inch along with a large bezels display. The bigger version 12.9-inch iPad Pro got a new and more compelling Apple A10X Fusion chips. However, the display is the highlight as it comes with a new feature called ProMotion along with dynamic switch display refresh rate 60Hz to 120Hz for stunning video and gaming experience.

Siri Intelligence

They new update made the Siri come up with new humanlike voice with way more functionality. It will translate you in real time and with improved voice! Siri will assist you how to use your device to better anticipate your needs too!

Last Updated: June 6, 2017

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