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Microsoft launched Face Swap App for Android device


Microsoft launched a new Face Swap app for Android and iOS devices. The application is available on Google Play Store for download.

The two main USP of this app are, this is not like other crappy face swap apps because Microsoft has put a lot of work in it. Second; the application is free to download. It does not contain any in-app-purchase and the application does not contain any ads as well.

The Face Swap App is fairly simple and does not need much explanation as the name of the application explains most. If you want to swap your face with someone else’s face, then this app will do it for you.

The process is quite simple as well, the user has needed to just click a selfie or select an image from gallery app, and then apply their face to the background or person of their choice.

You might think that this app is for no real use and it’s just a fun app then you are wrong. Let’s say you like new haircut of your friend and you want the same haircut then using this app, you can replace the face of your friend with your face to check if his/her new hairstyle will suit you or not.

In initial stages; the Face Swap app may not give perfect results but after some updates and improvements the app will start to provide better results.

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