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Top 6 Great Tips for Writing the Killer Blog Post

If you are surfing a lot, then always heard many time the phrase ” Content is King “ . A top and killer blog article is the main key to get more traffic on your blog that will be written so well, and it should also contain all the flavours that is compulsory by the whole and general visitors.
Top 6 Great Tips for Writing the Killer Blog Post

What is Meant by Killer Blog Article ?

In general, a killer blog article is not a simple article, basically it is a post that can be able to boost the traffic into your blog or website and it may bring lots of exposure / sources, like through many famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest , Digg etc. The killer post is not just a simple post with correct language grammer and a big article like lots of a words. The killer article has a unqiue style. It has a special post on any topic, which contains a lot of information related to that topic, having lots of links also, so readers who visit your post will be get some better and beneficial resources .

How You can Write Killer Blog Post ?

Well ” Content is King “ not just a single phrase but it is the main thing for boost your traffic to your blog. As much your content is good, you can get as much traffic also from all sources especially from search engines and as well as social media. Before starting the first paragraph of this article, a question is rised into your mind of “How to Write a Killer Blog Article”. Remember that, many bloggers have many different techniques and strategies of writing a SEO Friendly posts and also market them. But the top points which are necessary and also taken in mind while writing and promoting any your blog post.

Top 6 Tips for Bloggers of Writing Killer Posts

1 – Make a List of Resources

Resources basically are those, which are fully related to your blog post related. Means if you can write on SEO then find some SEO related resources, like forums, websites, blogs, videos etc . You should have a collection of huge amount of data and also proper linking technique so that you will be able to connect your older article with this article, this is the basic technique for boosting your blog posts.

2 – Content is King

As i’m many time says that ” Content is King “ . It is always the king because for boosting your blog, and get handsome amount of traffic, the main and first thing is that your content is so good, as much your content is good as much you get the audience attention. Remember that, that type of blog posts, which have alots of Grammer and Spelling Mistakes and also have too long meta description are never be boost abd don’t work any more.

Try to make all your points smartly. Write a such type of blog posts that can be stay in readers mind for long time. This would be happen only, when you link your old posts with this and also this article with newer ones. Always try to create a List Posts or How to Guide something like that. e.g :

Top 7 SEO Tips for Bloggers

these are some examples, and similarly , you can make any kind of post related to your blog topic.

3 – Title of the post

I’m always says that, if the Title of Post is Killer then your Post is Also Killer. for example, let a blog article which you want to publish into your blog on the topic of small business, then there are two main possible titles or headlines :

1 – Small Business Ideas
2 – Top 7 Amazing & Killer Small Business Ideas
So, tell which is the sound better? Obviously the second one is best, because it’s representation is so good and words used in it also dashing and killer which attracting more users. So always keep in mind that, first of all headline or title of blog post find smartly and then make you post body.

4 – Always Increase your List

Basically, any post which is related to list category, means top 7, best 10 like post, are always get more visitors as compared to other, but keep in mind that people can get more things and stuffs in these types of post. If you write Top 10 things list then increase it Top 20 list, so this is the best way to get more and more visitors to your post and blog as well.

5 – Linking your Articles

Linking your old article with newer one is also very useful technique in SEO. Basically it can also increases the chances of getting into the first page of search engine, linking can also a part of backlinking process. And this is also very beneficial for your old posts, which are previously down and not in ranking, but using this strategy you can also increase traffic for those posts which are not rank in previous time. So when visitors come to your newer post and click link on your old post, then your old posts also ranks .This will also make your post in authorized mode and this is good in SEO (Search Engine Optimization ).

6 – Socializing and Promotion

Socializing is very popular today because everyone use social networking sites especially like Facebook , Twitter , Google+, StumbleUpon etc. Whenever you published your new post, immediately, spread it on the social media sites, people can like it m rate it, directly comment it, and also share with their friends also. So this can also increases your visibility on internet and very beneficial for your blog to get more visitors. It can increases the populariy of your blog post and also you can get very high chances to get the high traffic from social media as well as search engines.

These are some tips of writing top and awesome killer blog post / article on any topic and get the huge benefit from it, get more visitors and also get many responses from directly social media sites. Hope you like it, if you’re, then please share it on your social profiles.