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Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

SEO as you know that is a abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is a most powerful technique to get your product famous and top results for users in the search engine results pages ( SERP’s) . There are many search engine like Google.Com, Yahoo, Bing etc are more important for web or blog owners to get huge traffic from these search engines.

Search Engine Optimization For Bloggers is very important as their content. Because if a blogger write their content with good writing skills but he did not have any idea about SEO,or What is SEO ? or he not write an SEO optimized articles, then their all works are not get high value that they reserve.

Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

Now a days, blogging becomes a very famous online business and many young blogger living only with their blogs. As many you have visitors on your blogs, your blog revenue as much as your visitors increase. So if you want to get high number of visitors to your blog, then first you can learn Search Engine Optimization and then start blogging or posting.

Here i will discuss some important but Top SEO Tips For Bloggers, which are very essential for all bloggers to get high reputation and earn huge income online with their blog.

Ways To SEO Optimized Your Blog Contents

Before starting to known our best 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks , firstly you can known these two types of SEO . Its broadly our tips divide into two main and basic parts:

1. On – Page SEO

2. Off – Page SEO

On – Page SEO

On-Page SEO is very essential for all web masters, because it is basically related to your original content like your Text, Graphics, Your HTML Document Code etc.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO as important as On-Page, because when your optimize your blog as on-page, then the second main thing you can do is Off-Page . It is basically includes to get high quality backlinks, ( hyperlinks between content, websites links, social shares , apps , networks etc).

Top 7 SEO Tips For Bloggers Get High Ranked

1 – Blog Title Important

Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

Blog Post Titles is very important in On-Page . Because it is the main theme of your post or main subject as Book Title. When anyone read your blog title he will understand that what is discussed inside this post. So make your title more important .Whenever you write a post, make more attention on the title. Make your title simple, inspirational, search engine Friendly and also descriptive but in as short as you make.

Go To Google and search your post title related terms on it, then google tell you what is the similar things are already indexed and much value related to your own post. Like screen shot given above to understand more.Also don’t forget to adding your main keyword in the title, and must keep your title not more than 70 characters or 6 to 7 words.Because search engine would crop it before looking your posts.

2 – Improve Content Quality

Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

If you like to become a blogger and you read many article on different blogs then you can many time see and hear this phrase ” Content Is King “. It is not a simple phrase in my opinion or in my experience it is almost 90% important thing to become a Pro-blogger and earn high income online.

Content is a king of your blog. If you want to get high ranked in search engines especially in Google, then keep much attention on your content.The main thing you remember in mind that, don’t copy-paste content from other blogs or website. If you can do your blog will violate the copied content policy and your get banned or your blog will be deleted permanently, so don’t do this that.

So always write original articles, add keywords in H1, H2, H3 properly, use images in your post, because they are more important in search results. Always rename your image as off-line, when your create or download on anywhere, because when you download, it name like this ” 05hhmgf.jpg ” etc, it is not appear in results, you can rename it ” Best SEO Tips ” and then upload into your content, then yo get high ranked with your images in SERP’s. Always remember that, your blog length must be more than 300 to 400 words for high ranking.

3 – Keywords are Keys of Your Post

Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

Are you know about keywords. It has two type, primary keyword or main keyword, and secondary keyword , and also a long-tail keywords. These are all more important in for your content, when search anything on search engines, they will show your many results on the basis of main keywords used in a post or blog. But don’t use high number of keywords in single articles, because it is consider to be as spamming, and google cannot see your content even they deleted it or almost deleted your whole blog , so keep in mind that, use all thing according to search engine policies.

Adding Main Keywords in The Post Permalinks ( URL)

Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

When you got an idea about your new post, ( include post title, main content, even permalinks). USe keywords properly in title , in a main contents and in URL ( or post permalinks ) as well. And also you can linked your post with using anchor text, to relevant resources of your blog inside or outside.

4 – Meta-Tags or Meta-Data is Important

Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

Meta Tags or Meta Data is so important now a days, and it might be done the main SEO for your site. Google and many other search engines have long left using meta-data to finding information enter by the user. Hence, if anyone tells you meta-tagging or meta-dating is all you need for your sites or blogs SEO, tell them it isn’t.

Moreover, it is also important, because you can use your primary keyword in between the meta description so when your page show in search results, your title keywords, permalinks, and even meta-data keywords used, are show you on the first page in the results. If your use WordPress, then use All In One SEO Plugins for your site or blog.

5 – Socialize Your Content !

Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

Socializing means that, when you publish your new post into your site, and your can get properly all your required SEO of your post and then publish. But this way you can not get ranked in google or other search engines. You must know the importance of Social Media sites, like Facebook , Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

When your write your post and publish, then share it into your social media account, in your facebook personal profile, facebook page, twitter page, google plus and also many others which you like, when people likes, comments, and shares your post you can get high ranking and get more visitors so overall performance of your site is good and you aim is fulfill.

6 – BackLinks Is a KeyBone

Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

Backlinks is much important than keywords now a days, as many you can get backlinks either, it is Do-Follow Backlinks or No-Follow Backlinks , you can get high reputation in Search Engines. Links or Hyperlinks plays powerful role in your site SEO. You can link out from other sites, or posts or nay networks, or even your own older posts, you can periority in search engine results pages ( SERP’s).

If your site links are on other sites, they will share your content, linked your content you can gey much more results than any other technique .The best ways to get high quality backlinks , go for a Guest Posts, Forum Posting, Questions Answers Communities etc.

7 – Daily Update your Blogs

Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

Those sites, which are updates regularly on the daily basis , are ranked high in search engine and get much results as you can. Those sites which have new contents every new day, one or two posts daily can get better ratings than those who updates their sites fortnightly.
Are you done them all things, ? Then you can trust me, you can get much high ranking and your ratings of your site in your own hands, not in search engines. Then implements your sites with these 7 steps for better Search engine optimization and you get see the results in google or any others.

Remember that : Blog design or layout must be simple, safe, write original contents, socializing your contents on social media sites, this is the key of your success, and this is whats all about SEO.