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Top 10 Best Apple Pencil Accessories You Should Buy


As these pencils are rapidly emerging, the accessories are been developed on a larger scale as well. The pencil is a fragile part for the iPad and should be protected and be secured. The accessories listed below will help in safeguarding it as well as make it look cool and funky. So if you are looking for best apple pencil accessories then this post will help you choose the apple pencil accessories from Amazon store!

The apple pencil is a perfect drawing tool. It was introduced in 2015 as a companion for iPad Pro. Nowadays, the stylus has been getting all sorts of interesting accessories. We’ve rounded up with 10 best apple pencil accessories different options that one can use to make the pencil even better with the help of these accessories. So without wasting anymore time, let’s take a look on these best apple pencil accessories!

Best Apple Pencil Accessories

Tech Matte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter


The apple pencil is intended to plug for a convenient and fast charging of the iPad pro. But, not all users are basically quite a fan of this feature. The users have mostly complained about the sticking out of the pencil from the Pro at an unsuitable angle. Another charging method that accommodates the pencil to lay flat has been created by Techmatte, i.e. a short connector. This gives a little bit flexibility without the addition of another long cable.

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PencilCozy Combo

PencilCozy-Combo best apple pencil accessories

There’s a huge problem with the pencil: losing the cap and the adapter. Based on this, an alternate has been created which is too small, not so expensive bits of plastic. One feature of this is that it glows in the dark. One of the part attaches to the pencil and the other to the cap which secures the cap. It holds it on and can be popped off when one charges.  The other part safeguards the adapter to the lightning cord when not charging. They are nice and snug to fit in and the pencil attachment stops the pencil from rolling away.

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Micron Pen or Bullet Pen Clip


The clip on the micron is an accessory for the pencil that fits right over the aluminium logo and gives a great way to connect with your iPad cases or even your clothes. Both the clips are tightly fit around the apple pencil. It’s also called Bullet pen clip because of its shape and structure. It’s one of the best apple pencil accessories which comes handy most of the time!

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Surface Pen Loop


This tiny accessory may not look like a Surface pen, but its diameter makes it easily pick up Microsoft’s $5 Pen Loop. It’s a self-adhesive loop that helps to stick it to the surface of the iPad or its case. It contains an easy loop storage that secures the pencil while one is one his/her way. The loop also lets it firm and stick up to the case.

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Atelier iPad Pencil Case


Need a protective case for the apple pencil? Waterfield designs dispense an ultra-suede-lined sleeve for the pencil that’s made out of leather for safeguarding from dings, accidental losses or scratches. The leather strap provides extra protection and the pencil firmly slides into the case that doesn’t allow sliding out or disappearing of the pencil. Also, the case provides an integrated clip that allows clasping onto the pockets of the pants, bags, or iPad itself. If one prefers something that’s a little vintage, then there’s an Atelier Gear Case that provides the storage of pencil and a few charging cables.

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Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet


These magnets firmly attach to the iPad with its sleeve. The thin rubber sleeve is being sold in a variety of colours including white and few others. When finished, one cam simply snap the side of the iPad and can attach to the Apple’s Smart covers. The rubber sleeve gives the users a bit more of a texture that grips while drawing with.

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Stylus Sling


A physical addition to the iPad’s case has been included if magnets are not anyone’s bag and one is already using a Smart Cover. This is available for the 9.7” and 12.9” iPad Pro. The pocket of the pencil allows one to grab onto the body of the pencil when not removed. Not just the cap, but the pencil could get lost or go flying but this prevents it from doing that. A tiny pocket is built in this sling for holding the USB adapter. The sling doesn’t hold up any extra space and nicely safeguards around the Pro or any other optional case that’s attached to it.

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Thankscase Apple Pencil Charging Dock Station


The sturdy, aluminium is a perfect dock addition to the workspace. If one’s in a habit of charging the pencil with the USB adapter and lightning cable, this holds up the pencil vertically and fits around the charging cable. This keeps the pencil in sight and stops the cord from tangling itself up. It consists of a small notch that holds the cap so that it won’t disappear. The dock can also be used as a stand when one takes a pause in their workflow and won’t set the pencil down or let it roll away. In addition to this, the dock is also available in black, gold, silver and rose gold.

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7-Inch Logitech Create Keyboard Case


Logitech makes a perfect all-in-one solution for both the pencil and the 9.7” iPad Pro. The pencil and the mechanical keyboard help them to create this Create Keyboard case. It offers a near-full-size backlit keyboard for typists and also provides a sleeve along for an easy storage of the pencil. This keyboard boasts a comfortable drawing angle when the screen is laid onto the keyboard if one plans to switch between writing and drawing.

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MiniSuit Pencil Sleeve


This is basically a solution to the number of issues that the users complain about. The grip decreases the pressure applied on the wrists that prevent the pencil from slipping out of the hand. Also, the sleeve helps to keep the cap in place while still letting it easy peeling off for charging the pen.

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To Sum Up

The content comprises of the apple pencils and the different cases and covers that ensure the safety of the pencil. The Atelier case, moxiware apple pencil magnets, etc. are some of the covers and caps that help the pencil from falling off. It tightly fits the case and doesn’t get broken or lost and some of them also contain the adapter holder for safe keeping it. The Top 10 best apple pencil accessories options are very suitable and easy to handle for the iPad Pro users.

If you like these best apple pencil accessories, then do share your thoughts in comments below! Stay tuned for more updates!