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50 Best Earning Indian Blogs | Make Money Blogging in India


In my today post, I’m sharing the 50 Top Earning Indian Blogs that makes thousands or even millions of dollars. These all are the best Indian bloggers who make money blogging in India. In my previous article, I’m also share 50 top earning blogs in the world which might be also very popular and become a motivational factor in my blogging career.

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image about 50 best earning Indian bloggers that make money online via blogging
50 Best & Top Earning Indian Bloggers That Make Money Online

Do you know India, is a Asian country where people are full of knowledge and share with the world. In blogging era,If you find world top earning bloggers then you can find many Indian bloggers in them.

These bloggers inspired me a lot and their success stories motivate me to become a blogger.These all are the Indian superstar bloggers continue their journey and inspiring me to this day – and when I see these bloggers I’ll motivated more and never give up whenever it got tough, especially in my early days of blogging career.
The total amount of money they earned via blogs are in thousands $$$ or in Lakhs (Indian Currency). In fact, there is not highly profile doctors, engineers do not making such type of amount averagely. It takes years to years time and hard work to becoming a successful in their own field. 

“Making Money Is a Hobby That Will Complement
Any Other Hobbies You Have, Beautifully”

Scott Alexander

But these bloggers are very young and hard working too and still making money through blogging which is more than any doctor, engineer or lawyer in India.

I’m share this post with full confidence with my readers. Because after reading this post, I’m sure, you must be inspired and motivated and also want to start a blog.
Are you a already blogger? and want to become a professional blogger, then here are some most inspirational and professional blogger in India. I’m also share their estimated total monthly earnings which motivate you more.
Whether you already an aspiring blogger any where in the world or just looking for a little motivation and inspiration in your life, then this list of 50 Top Earning Indian Bloggers who make money blogging and started out as, well… bloggers. Enjoy !Disclaimer :

Remember that some of these website’s featured in our 50 top list are only on estimates based and are not fully 100% correct and some of are fully correct because there owner also share this income. If you would like to be also featured in our list or if you know about any blogger’s that should deserve, then please comment below !

Check Out the TOP EARNING INDIAN BLOGS listed below. I have already know about many of these Superstar bloggers and they inspired me a lot. I’ll also want to interview all of them and share with my readers over the coming months – so watch out for that on this blog.

To Your Blogging Success ! ! !


50 Top Earning Indian Blogs That Make Money Online

RANKingBlog Name
Owner Name
Monthly EarningAlexa Rankincome source
Harsh Agrawal
$28,0002080Affiliate Marketing
2Labnol – Digital Inspiration
Amit Agrawal
$27,0005090PPC Advertising
Varun Krishnan
$27,0006000PPC Advertising
Shradha Sharma
$25,0003120Banner Advertising
Neil Patel
$24,0007204Affiliate Marketing
Jitendra Vaswani
$20,00019675Affiliate Marketing
Arun Prabhudesai
$19,50020216Banner Advertising
Raju PP
$19,00027141PPC Advertising
Kulwant Negi
$19,00037576Affiliate Marketing
Anand Khanse
$17,0004519PPC Advertising
Abhijeet Mukherji
$15,00013173Affiliate Marketing
Malini Agrawal
$13,00012821PPC Advertising
Ashish Sinha
$13,00025345PPC Advertising
Srinivas Tamada
$11,00055212PPC Advertising
Harleena Singh
$11,00092504Affiliate Marketing
Imran Uddin
$10,50067279PPC Advertising
Ankit Kumar singla
$10,00034409Affiliate Marketing
Aseem Kishore
$8000204576PPC Advertising
Pradeep Kumar
$800040852Affiliate Marketing
Avinash Gautam
$800043769Affiliate Marketing
Anil Agarwal
$800045483Affiliate Marketing
$770020347PPC Advertising
Nikhil Pahwa
$750037818Banner Advertising
Tony John
$750033463Advertising Banners
Ahmad Kaludi
$600047100PPC Advertising
Jyoti Chauhan
$600048633PPC Advertising
Saurav Saha
$7000124868PPC Advertising
Faisal A.Khan
$600046987PPC Advertising
Atish Ranjan
$800055327PPC Advertisements
Shivanand Sharma
$7500307109Selling Products
Vardaan Tiwari
$500056513PPC Advertisements
Avinash Kaushik
$10,00043300Affiliate Marketing
Soumen Halder
$400067623Affiliate Marketing
Manuel Jose
$4000197715PPC Advertising
$400095704PPC Advertisements
Ravi Saive
$80007299PPC Advertising
Faisal Farooqui
$10,0005847Banner Advertising
Tanmay Ahmad
$400080523Affiliate Marketing
Jaspal Singh
$900096677PPC Advertising
Rakesh Kumar
$600082547Affiliate Marketing
Akshay Hallur
$400072841Affiliate Marketing
Satish Kumar
$450061209Affiliate Marketing
Sanu Siddarth
$550097409PPC / Marketing
Atish Ranjan
$450055327Banner Advertising
Abhinav Pathak
$800048331PPC Advertising
Deepanker Verma
$500045638PPC Advertisements
Nishant Srivastava
$300057240Pay Per Click Ads
Raman Sharma
$300045929Affiliate Marketing
Deepak Kanakaraju
$300060400Affiliate Sales
Mudit Bhatia
$200037677PPC Advertising

NOTE THAT : Alexa Rank can be increased or decreased day by day so this is not updated everyday. But this is done when this post is published, so you can get an idea of the popularity of that blog.

This list can only be on estimate based of the true worth of these blogs / sites. It took me quite a bit of time to research and finding these “50 Top Earning Indian Blogs” list. I also learnt a lot while I’ll research on these bloggers. I believe that this guide and blogs list helps to your blogging career to illustrate the ladder of success that we all struggling and strive to climb up.

So these are the best and top earning Indian blogs that make millions $$$ every single month from there blog. There are also many other bloggers that make such type of handsome earning but we don’t find them. If you would like  to featured in this list then comment below or if you know about any other who deserve this position then please share with us.

How They Make Money Online From Blogging

There are hundreds of ways to make money online from blogging that these top bloggers takes to monetize there blogs, like banner advertisements, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, paid posts, review posts, direct advertisements, CPM advertisements, selling products, provide services, PPC / CPC etc and many others.

Some blogs getting millions of view every month and some of these bloggers have high paying keywords that best for PPC advertisements. So below are some methods explained which these bloggers are used and their main income source too.

#1 – Advertisements (Sell Advertisements Places)


In general, selling spot for advertisements directly on their blogs is a good source of income. When any blog established and getting ranking on internet, advertisers directly contact you to show their banner ads on your blog and you decide how much you getting for every single spot.

This method only for those blogger who have high ranking blogs and millions of pageviews every month. BuySellAds (BSA) is the best platform for banner advertisements or you can create a separate Advertisement page in your blog for direct selling.

#2 – Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a very popular technique to monetize your contents via affiliate links and make money online from your blogs. Affiliate marketers makes thousands of dollars by selling different products via affiliate programs.

If your blog is about blogging, SEO related then you can easily sell best web hosting providers, domain names, plugins, themes and something like that. These top bloggers also used affiliate marketing and this is the biggest source of income for these bloggers.You can sell amazon products, hosting services, WordPress plugins, etc.

#3 – CPM Advertisements (Cost Per Mile Advertisements)


CPM means that “Cost Per Mile” which means that you’ll get money on per thousands visitors based. For example, if you’ve 50,000 visitors every month and your CPM rate is about 10$ then you earn about 500$ or even more because CPM rates are not fixed, they vary according to your visitors.

If you receive majority of your traffic from USA, Canada, UK countries then you make more money and if you receive traffic like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc then you make less money. The most popular and best CPM advertisement platform is Yahoo / Bing Contexual Ads Network which is also known as Media.NET . These bloggers also make money from this network.

#4 – Selling Products


Selling products also a big source of income for these Indian blogs. This is relate to affiliate marketing but it is different from this. According to your blog niche / topic, you can selling products either physical products or digital products.

You can also sell eBay or Amazon products or create your own products like eBooks, Video Tutorials, Plugins, Themes etc and sell on your blog to your readers. These features top Indian bloggers also use this method to make money online.

#5 – PPC / CPC Advertisements


PPC means that “Pay Per Click” or “Cost Per Click”. According to internet surveys, there are 80% blogs taking this method to monetize their blogs and make money online. Google AdSense is the most popular and the best PPC advertisement network who pays you as much a you deserve.

This is the best way to make money blogging from their blogs and this is very easy way which you can also use on your blog and make money from them. But if you don’t approve your account on AdSense, then don’t worry here are top Google AdSense Alternatives list for you.


“Don’t stay in bed,
unless you can make money in bed”

George Burns

So these are some ways to make money blogging and these Top Earning Indian Bloggers also use all of these methods to monetize their contents. I’ll make this guide as much simple easy as I can. Hope after reading this guide, you’ll be inspired and motivate a lot and want to create a blog. Remember that, the biggest different between those people who create a successful blogs and those people who didn’t it, who never give up and tried hard as much as they can and work until they succeed. So never give up and try again and again until you succeed in your mission.

Best Regards To Your Blogging Career ! ! ! 

Aamir Saleem Ansari