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56 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Small Businesses


Today, I sharing a whole article about the most important Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Tips for your small businesses. These tips are very important for the optimization of your whole site, not just for a single post or single page, it will talk about the whole site in the eyes of search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization Tips For Small Businesses

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When you write a contents for your site, first of all you will write tons of articles on any topic , and then realize about the SEO. But I’m always recommended you and it is very important for getting high visibility in the SERP’s results, to implement and choosing the profitable and right SEO optimized keywords which help you to getting high ranking in search engines.

First of all to getting started you’ll firstly know about the following things which are given below:

1 – What your blog or website is about ?

2 – The main purpose

3 – Commitment which you’ve

4 – Future Result

These are some facts which you first know about it, and then follow these SEO tips guide which help you . Once you’ve settled for these all commitments , then you’ll be ready to begin started learning about SEO Tips .

56 Best SEO Tips for Your Small Businesses

1 – Load Your Primary Keyword : It is very important for you to include your primary keyword into your post title, title meta tag description as possible as you can.

2 – No SEO , No Visitors : It is very important phrase if you understand it’s importance, then you’ll be automatically rank in the search engine. Because , without SEO, it is not possible to get ranked in any search engines and getting traffic.

3 – On-Page SEO : On-Page SEO means those work which you can done inside your website. Means inside, pages, posts, meta description etc.

4 – Off-Page SEO : Off-Page SEO means those work which you can done outside of your website. Like building quality backlinks which is incoming to your site, social bookmarking sites sharing techniques etc.

5 – Know About Competitors : It is very important for everyone who want to done SEO more properly. If you not know about your competitors then getting high ranking always a dream for you. Competitors are those people, who done the same work as you and work on same topic in which you work. So always keep on eyes on them to track their activity.

6 – Start SEO Now : When you write anything on your blog or website, it is important to doing SEO with them. Because SEO will start before website start. It is the main and fundamental part of your success especially in the search engines.

7 – SEO Not Same For Two’s Site : This means that, if you track your competitors, and track in which keywords they will be high ranked. It is not guaranteed that these keywords also help you to ranked well. Because SEO not the same as your two website. Keep in mind ! ! !

8 – SEO Doesn’t Expensive : As it is always says that SEO was very powerful marketing technique, but many of you not know that it is not expensive. Simply you will gave some your valuable time to creating and making a more profitable and good content , and make some times to building your online relationship with your audience especially on social media.

9 – SEO About One Thing : This point is very awesome in the SEO point of view. Basically many of you , start a blog or website, on a topic which covers many sub-topic. That was not good for you in the SEO view. SEO can works well , if you doing work on a single topic. So always make a website or blog on one topic in which you’ve knowledge and you passionate about it.

10 – Links Internal Web-Pages : This is very good strategy for everyone, which help you to getting more page-views and getting high ranking . Always linking you internal webpages where it matter.But not linked any of them. Always try to find quality and some proper keywords and then linked on those keywords.

11 – Include Keyword in Domain : Basically this is the main factor which done work good for you if you doing so. When you buy a domain name, first of all setting your goal on which topic you work, find keywords and then buy your desired domain. And also try to include your primary keyword in the domain name. It will help you a lot in SERP’s results.

12 – Use Keyword in Permalink / URL : When you publish any new article or page, always try to add your keyword in the permalink on which the page is about.

13 – Professional Layout : Always try to find and use a professional layout for your blog. As your blog layout SEO friendly and user friendly , you will get more attention to search engines as well as your readers.

14 – Clean & Clear Architecture : When you choose a theme or template for your blog / site, always try to make it more clean and clear. Don’t use some widgets which make your blog garbage. So always try to make your blog architecture more clear and more clean.

15 – Above the Fold : Above the fold, doesn’t matter in the past, but now it will affected your blog ranking. Above the fold is that area which is see by the visitors without scrolling your site. So always try to mention some text, in above the fold area, it will help you better ranking in search engine.

16 – Content is King : I’m always says that, the phrase ” Content is King ” . This is not just a simple sentence. There is the big reason behind this phrase. Search engines always want fresh, unique and quality contents. They love them. So try to creating a fresh, unique and quality contents which will help you to get more visibility in the search engines eyes.

17 – Links are Queen : As I mention above, “Content is King” but not only content, if the content is king then the Links are queen. Links plays a more important role in your site ranking. Try to build quality links especially internal links which helps your readers to see out the related contents withing your site.

18 – Don’t Ignore PageRank : Basically it is not as important as it will seen in SEO. It is just a ranking algorithm which is given by Google, which is give you out of 10. If your PR is 1 and your other competitor PR is 5, then it will more attention by search engine, but don’t be obsessed about PageRank.

19 – Remove Thing That Slow Down Your Site : Basically search engine like fast loaded sites and blogs. And if your blog not load fast, then you might be little mistake with your ranking. The main factor in site loading the JavaScript code.

 So always try to remove JavaScript code where to use it, or if you want to use it then use as low as you can. Also many other things which slow down your loading speed, so try to remove these things from your blog or site, and make your blog or website more faster.

20 – Use HD & Unique Images : Images can speak more well as compared to Text. So always try to inlcude minimum one image inside your every single post. It will help you a lot for social bookmarking sharing for your readers, like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, etc .

21 – Use Keywords in Images : When you use images inside your posts,then include the keywords that reflects your topic in the image title, image description and also image ALT Attribution. Also when you use images, first of all rename it offline then upload to the server, and use them.

22 – Create Quality Backlinks : Backlinks plays a important role in SEO. It is the backbone of your site in search engines. Backlinks are those links, which will increase your site authority of how many sites are linking to your site, and how many other sites linked with you. Always try to create a quality backlinks, it will help you a lot in better ranking in Google and other Search Engines.

23 – SEO Result are not Instant : First thing keep in mind that, the result of SEO doesn’t appear instant. It will take weeks or even months for getting appear in search engines. So don’t be rude about SEO. But also remember that, when it will show the result,these are long term basis.

24 – New Site , More Patient : When you start a blog or website, the first thing keep in mind that, there are millions of pages uploaded on daily basis on millions of blogs and website. So when you start a new blog , it will take some time to get ranked. And if you working on a new domain , then it will takes months and even years.

25 – Website Never Finished : During your journey, many ups and down will comes in your life. But when your site will be down and down, you’ll be think that, your site is finished. But remember that, it will not finished, simply your hope was finished, try new strategies according to new era, and makes your site up to date.

26 – Avoid To Use More Ads Above the Fold : Above the fold is that area which is shown to your visitors when they visit your site. So don’t use too many ads above the fold area it will affect your loading speed and user experience.

27 – Contact Page : Important pages have more importance as you don’t know. Contact us page is very important for get trusted to your readers as well as search engines . So always try to add your exact contact information , so anyone easily contact you .

28 – Privacy Policy Page : These pages are the key pages and these are very important. Privacy Policy page is very important that build trust for both of your readers.

29 – Local SEO : Local SEO means that , targeting the local keywords. So add your physical and real address, and targeting your local keywords it will help you for better ranking especially locally.

30 – Use Custom Domain : Many newbie start blogging from many free blogging platforms, like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc where they use sub-domain. It was a big mistake , if you want to work professionally. Always use custom domain which will help you more everywhere. It will show you a brand and getting more attention by search engines and other factors.

31 – Use www or non-www : When you submit your site to search engine make sure that your site include www or non-www. Both are acceptable and not affected your SEO. But make sure that search engine only indexing www or non-www .

32 – Choose Keywords Wisely : When you search your targeting keywords, always try to choose keywords wisely. As much you wise while choosing your targeting keywords, you will get more ranking .

33 – SEO Optmized Post Title : Title plays an important role in SEO and search results. If you make and create a SEO optimized and user attractive post title which attract your readers, then you will get more SERP’s and ranked well.

34 – Fresh Content Can Improve Search Ranking : Try to add new, useful and unique contents every day . Fresh contents make you more visible in search engine because search engine robots like and love the fresh and new contents.

35 – Use Key Phrase Within Internal Links : When you inter linking your posts and pages with your other pages, try to add related keywords and linked them. No use “Click Here” or “Go Here” words, simply if you want to link “Best SEO Tools” then find the keyword SEO Tools like and then linked them.

36 – Long Tail Keywords : Keywords have many types ,but mostly used two types short keywords or normal keywords and long-tail keywords. Long-Tail keywords are mostly more than 3 words. e:g ” Top SEO Optimized Blogger Templates Free Download” this is known as long-tail keywords, which is formed by adding more than three words .Focus on these keywords also , these can be helped you to get high ranking instantly in search engine.

37 – Use Google Keyword Tool : Google Keyword Tool is the best marketing tool which is provided by Google company. It provides the exact searched about any keywords and provided related keywords list which help you to find profitable keywords.

38 – Target Relevant Keywords : Not only target your primary keywords, also try to track the related keywords which help you better ranking.

39 – Keyword Density : Use keywords wisely. Because where you feel that this is the better place for targeting this keywords place there. Mostly use in Page Title, URL, Meta Description , inside posts in H1, H2, H3 headings etc.

40 – Use Videos Inside Posts : As you listen and seen that the phrases : “Image Speaks better than Text” and also “Video can speak more than Images” . Always try to add video inside your webpages or posts, that is related to that article. It is also have a deep effect on your SEO and search engines.

41 – Avoid Keyword Stuffing : As I mention above that use keywords where you feel that this is the best spot. But always avoid keyword stuffing. Means don’t use excessive amount of keywords inside single page. Search Engine robot will detect it and down your ranking.

42 – Try to Build Backlings From Trusted Source : When you create backlinks, always try to make and built backlinks from trusted sources.

43 – Design Site Using SEO : Basically when you design your site, try to consider it comply the terms and conditions of SEO. Don’t use excessive flash or images, because spiders can crawl texts. So try to design SEO Friendly site.

44 – Main Page URL : Try to build links on every page which will go back to the root domain when you click on it. Because you root domain have better ranking .

45 – File Extension Doesn’t Matter : As you seen that on many sites, the last file extensions on every page is .html, .htm, .php etc. These are not impact on your SEO. But if you use .html it will help you . Because search engine like html web pages.

46 – Use Viral Components to your Blog / Site : Viral components means commenting system, rating system, Review system etc. Use them and getting ideas and suggestion from your readers.

47 – Use Different Services for Visitor Attention : Always try to use new features and services that get attention from your readers like, video, podcasts, news, social contents etc.

48 – Top Lists Based Posts : Try to add some posts which are describe top 10 lists, or top 50 lists or something like that. Because people like these kinds of stuffs.

49 – Use “Picture” , “Image” Keywords in Image ALT Description : Image optimization is a very powerful on-page SEO technique which helps you to getting more traffic. Adding images inside your posts, and add ALT description and try to add both of them or only one word “Image” or “Picture” , these can get more searches .

50 – Submit Sitemap : Sitemap is the single page where all the links about your site or blog will exists. It will described the full contents of your site. Try to submit your sitemap all biggest search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.

51 – Video Sitemap and Image Sitemap : Create your image sitemap and video sitemap if you use both inside your site or blog , and submit both separately to the search engines. webmaster tools.

52 – Understanding the Benefits of Social Bookmarking : Social Bookmarking is the best thing and make your ranking higher. You’ll understanding it’s reality . Always try to bookmark your web pages on different high PR social bookmarking sites.

53 – Create RSS Feeds : Every blog has a RSS Feeds. So always try to create RSS Feed and provide follow button to your readers to follow your RSS Feeds.

54 – Try CEO Blogging : CEO blogging means, display yourself into your blog , you’re the CEO and owner of your blog. Reply you readers comments using these, it will show your credibility , because CEO is the VOICE of your company / blog / website.

55 – SEO Not a Single Task : SEO was not a some kind of single page, which you’ve done it and then rest it alone. Every day new changes takes place, so add new strategies and optimize your site on daily basis.

56 – Use 301 Redirection

301 redirects is a very important in links building. Whenever you changing your URL of any existing page without pointing to that URL to the old one, then 404 errors occurs and if any links build of that URL, it wasted. So you can use 301 redirects to point older one with the newer one.

So these are the 56 best SEO tips for small businesses and business owners. These tips helps you to grow your business and make more money online. All these tips are very popular and powerful if you utilize in a better way. I hope this article helps you a lot and if you think that this article helpful for others then please share with your friend on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

If you’ve any question or suggestions in your mind , simply use below comment box.